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Double Hammock Series: Knotless Tibetan

Knotless TibetanWe now come to one of the most popular knotless finishes: Knotless Tibetan.  However, most people call this carry by the wrong name. They call it a Knotless Finish or a Tibetan Finish. Check out my previous post on these two carries to see the difference. Does it really matter? I think it does. They are three totally different variations.

This variation begins just like a Basic Double Hammock.

wrap02Complete both bunched cross passes under baby’s bottom and bring them to the front just like in the basic.

Instead of bring them to the center of your waist. hold one tail between your legs to keep the tension. Then bring the other tail across your chest and to the opposite shoulder. wrap09Bring the tail under the strap, starting from the outside by your arm. Pull it through towards your chest.


Now bring the tail under itself, under the part coming across your chest. The tension from itself will hold the tail in place, eliminating the need for a knot. wrap12Repeat with the other tail: bring across chest, pull around the shoulder strap starting from the outside to the middle, pull down underneath the cross portion. wrap13

Adjust your loops to be comfortable on your chest and armpits. Pull tighter to get slack our or loosen gently if it’s too snug. wrap14Now you have a Knotless Tibetan Finish! As you can see, my tails are not even. It does not effect the overall function of the carry. (as long as both tails are long enough to loop around and hold its tension fully) If you are perfectionist,  you just need to be very precise when you measure your the spot to put the wrap on baby’s back. And recenter once you get your chest pass around, too.


This carry is good for leaners and seat poppers, the combination of passes locks in the seat and pulls a leaner up. Similar to a Basic Double Hammock. However, since there is no waist belt, all of the weight is distributed on your upper body.  This may wear on your shoulders after awhile. It’s not a common complaint, just something to keep in mind if you have back and shoulder issues.  The lack of a waist belt is perfect for pregnant wearers though. wrap16

I hope you enjoy this Basic variation.  It’s supportive, secure, and fun! A great beginner variation.


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