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Short Double Hammock

sdh Do you you love the idea of a carry at has chest pass support, multiple layers for structure, and the security of a chest belt? Do you want all this with a shorter wrap? Well this Double Hammock Variation is for you! Meet the Short Double Hammock!

I am using a Pacific Northwest Wovens Lake Louise base -1.5. This carry works best with base -2 to base +1. But shorter wrap will mean less tails dangling to get in the way.

This carry starts off like a Double Hammock Tied At Shoulder.

Start with at least double the normal double hammock distance, get baby up, make a seat, bring longer tail under arm, make a bunched pass over your chest (like we did in the Basics variation, I think the method maintains the tension better), bring longer tail over baby’s back to do a Sling Pass, and then up over the opposite shoulder.

You know that pass you bunched up over your chest? The one you normally spread out? Guess what? We aren’t spreading it out in this variation!

You are probably think this means this variation doesn’t distribute baby’s weight as evenly….and you are right. This variation by any means is not uncomfortable on the shoulders, but without a waist belt or spread chest pass, more weight will be placed on your upper body. But just stay with me! I promise this is fun variation.


Place the longer tail either between your legs or in your teeth to keep the tension. Take the shorter tail, and bring it up through the bottom of your bunched chest pass.

Now pull the pass up towards the center of your chest on the inside of your shoulder strap. Now bring it underneath the shoulder strap and straight out to the side. The tension from the from the loop will hold it in place. So let it go!

Now repeat with the longer tail. Over the chest pass, up through the bottom, pull up towards your chin on the inside of the bunched chest pass.

Bring it underneath the shoulder strap, and out to the side

Give both tails a tug to get any slack out and place the loops in a comfortable position on your chest.

And there you have it! A Short Double Hammock. All the fun a Double Hammock with a shorter wrap! Well, actually you can totally do this with a longer wrap as well. You would just have longer tails! But it’s a nice chest pass option for a shorter wrap. Plus, I think it looks so cool!

A good seat is vital for this carry. There is no reinforcing pass of any kind to pin a seat in place. Get those knees up high, get the bottom rail taunt, and tighten the slack out.

This carry is not the best for long term with a seat popper. The two Sling Passes can totally correct a leaner though.

Pull out your shorty and give this chest belt variation a try! And brush up on your past variations any time! Good luck!


Double Hammock Series

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