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Double Hammock Series: Tibetan Finish

tibetan.jpgThe Tibetan Finish. I have been wanting to do this post for awhile for two reasons: cultural appropriation and confusion with another carry.

First of all, I need to acknowledge that modern babywearing and baby carriers are appropriated from marginalized peoples. More information can be found at here, here, and here.  This is especially true for woven wraps. There are A LOT of problematic terms in wrapping and there is a major effort by most educators to change these terms for the better.

Some terms are complete misnomers, so they need to be changed entirely. Other terms, like the Tibetan Finish, in general are accepted because they credit the origins. Changing the name would be cultural erasure. Please search the Facebook Group Babywearers of Diversity for more information on the origins of this finish.

Second, this variation gets mixed up with two other carries. Coming up soon I will do the Tibetan Knotless Finish, which often gets mixed up with variation because they both have Tibetan in the name. The Knotless Tibetan often gets mixed up with my previous variation, the Short Double Hammock/ Knotless Finish (once again because they both have the same word in the name). And by default, Tibetan and Knotless get mixed up as well.

Does this mix-up really matter? One could argue yes considering the cultural appropriation I mentioned earlier.

Let’s get into how this variation is done. This is usually done in a base size wrap. I am using a Anmol Baby Carriers Saptrangi base +1 for me. I like a lot of tails to tie a pretty chest knot. You will just have shorter tails in a base size. dsff (1)

Begin this variation like Double Hammock Tied at Shoulder. Start with double your measured distance on baby’s back so one tail is much longer than the other. Get baby up, make a seat, chest pass, and sling pass over baby’s back.wrap41

However, like the Short Double Hammock/Knotless Finish, leave the chest pass bunched. You can spread it, but I think it is looks nicer bunched.

wrap42Take your longer tail over both of baby’s legs for a bunched horizontal pass, just like the basics Tied at Shoulder. wrap44Bring the longer tail over the short tail (the one hanging off your shoulder) and across your chest towards your other arm. Loop that longer tail around the other wrap46Bring the longer tail under the opposite shoulder strap, starting from the inside near your chest towards the outside by your shoulder. wrap50Now take both tails and tie a secure double knot in the center of your chest. wrap51And there you go, a Tibetan Finish. wrap52This chest belt is a wonderful way to have a the comfort of no waist band but feel the security of a double knot holding the carry in place. wrap53Like other tied at shoulder options, this is a great carry for leaners with the horizontal pass. But it might not be the more secure for seat poppers due to the lack of cross passes. wrap54I hope you learned something new from this post! About the origins of wrapping and how to do this variation. Give the Tibetan Finish a try, it’s a fun one!

Double Hammock Series:


Thank you to Anmol Baby Carriers for donating this wrap.

Photo Credit to Alacrity Photography.

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