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Double Hammock Series: Kai Belt

KaiMerriam-Webster defines Game Changer as:

“a newly introduced element or factor that changes an existing situation or activity in a significant way”
This is how I felt when I first did this chest belt variation. Total game changer. I like chest belts since they take some of the pressure off your shoulders and I have a upper back injury that easily gets sore.  But some tend to loose tension too easily, which irritates me.  But once I tried a Kai Belt and it pretty much stayed in place with a knot, I was in love.
This variation was invented by babywearing blogger Christina from Slings and Smiles. It is named after her child, Kai. Check out her full tutorial here.
I am using Smitten With Wovens Vena Cava Theo base +0.5. This carry can be done tied under bum like I demonstrate in base size. Or tied at waist in a base +1.

dsff (1)This carry starts out like the other Tied at Shoulder variations. Make sure one tail is at least double the standard double hammock distance, get baby up, make a seat, chest pass, sling pass over baby. wrap72To take the longer tail to make a bunched horizontal pass over both of baby’s legs. wrap73Bring the longer tail under your arm, and over the short tail. wrap74Twist the tails around once. So the shorter tail is now pointing towards your chest and the longer towards the ground. wrap75Twist one more time. Now the longer tail is pointing towards your chest and the shorter one towards the ground. wrap76Bring the longer tail across your chest towards the opposite shoulder. wrap77Loop the longer tail around the opposite shoulder strap, starting from the outside by your arm towards the inside by your chest. wrap78Now loop the longer tail over itself on the section going across the center of your chest. Bring the tail from the bottom, thread it over the top and back down the bottom. wrap79Pull on both tails to adjust the tension of loop positions on your chest for optimal comfort. wrap80And there you go! A Double Hammock Kai Belt!wrap81Thank you Christina for coming up with this awesome variation. It’s such a game changer!wrap83Like other Tied at Shoulder variations, the bunched horizontal pass is great for leaners but not the best for seat poppers. wrap84Seriously give this chest belt a try. It’s very secure and supportive. And give Christina some love on her social media for coming up with it!!

Double Hammock Series:


Thank you to Smitten With Wovens for loaning the wrap.

Photo Credit to Alacrity Photography.

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