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Double Hammock Series: Brittany’s Rose Finish

Rose.jpgWhat can you do if you want to tie your double hammock at your shoulder but don’t want a basic knot? But don’t want to deal with a chest belt? And want some fancy? Oh goodness, there is SO a finish for you!

Babywearing Educator Brittany Brown Marsh came up with a truly stunning way to tie off extra tails. Check out her Double Hammock Torso Rose Finish video. Her finish is a torso carry (which I will get to eventually), but it’s a essentially a Tied at Shoulder variation (remember how we talked about the main contact points back in the beginning?). This finish can be done on any carry that ends with a shoulder contact point, which is why I am demonstrating it on a two shoulder carry on this post.

It starts off like a normal Double Hammock Tied at Shoulder.

Wrap double normal off center distance on baby’s back, baby on back, make seat, chest pass, sling pass, and bunched horizontal pass.wrap85

Tie a single knot at shoulder. This keeps the carry secure. The rose part is purely decorative, so the knot is necessary. wrap86

Next start twisting the longer tail. wrap87

Twist all the way down the length of the tail.wrap88

Eventually the fabric will start curling up around itself. At this point, start guiding the curl into a circle around the knot. wrap89

After the first circle, keeping bringing it around for another round. The “petal” layers should start to take shape.


You may need to keep twisting the tails as you go around.


Straighten out the circles and twists as needed.


Once you reach the end of your tail, you can tuck it into your chest pass to keep the tension. wrap105

Now you have a beautiful rose on your lapel! I left my other tail hanging, I think it looks like the rose is on a stem. But you could also tuck it into your chest pass to get it out of the way as well. wrap106

It is a very simple detail, but can add so much beauty to your Double Hammock. wrap107

I mean, come on? How can you not ADORE this finish!

Just like the other Tied at Shoulder variations so far, this one is good for leaners due to the horizontal bunched pass but not great for seat poppers with no cross passes. wrap111

Even if your seat poppers busts out of this in a minute, just one photo of this fun and creative finish is worth it. Please give it a try!

Double Hammock Series


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