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Double Hammock Series: Front Cross

FXThis variation is actually one of my favorites. But we had ZERO cooperation from either my two kids or Alacrity Photography’s son to shoot it.

I apologize that carry in these photos aren’t as smooth as usual. And I hope you can still get the basic idea from y his photo tutorial. Kids man….

Anyway, the front cross. It’s a very basic Tied Under Bum variation. It’s exactly what is sounds like, crossing the fabric over your chest to make an X. You get the security of a chest belt without adding pressure to your shoulder straps. And get to secure the seat more with knot under baby’s bottom.

This carry can be done in any base size or larger. It starts like Tied Under Bum Finish. I am using a Anmol Saptrangi  base +1, and you will see I have a good amount of tails left over. I prefer this over tying on the tips under bum.

Baby up with wrap off center. Make seat, chest pass, sling pass, and get slack out.

Now, instead of bring the tails under your arms, cross them over your chest. Make a X centered over your breast bone. You can spread the tails or leave them bunched.

Now bring the tails over both of baby’s legs. Try to pin down seat under baby’s knees.

Now tie a double knot under baby’s bum. Adjust the X over your chest for comfort as needed and you are done!

Now, assuming your kid actually cooperates, your sling pass will actually go smoothly over baby’s back. He isn’t unsafe by any means, the fabric is secured and high over his back. It’s just not that pretty.

And this is when he popped his seat. But as you can see, the knot under bum is keeping him in place. Proof this is a good opption for seat poppers.

We forgot to get a front shot because this is when Jack started to run off down the trail. But you can kinda see the front in this photo. The cross distributes baby’s weight across your whole upper body, not just your upper back like in Tied Under Bum.


Special thank you to Anmol for donating this wrap.

Photo Credit Alacrity Photography.

Good luck with your Double Hammock Journey! Maybe your kids will cooperative!

Double Hammock Series:

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