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Double Hammock Series: Half Knot


This variation is basically one step up from the previous Front Cross. It’s essentially a front cross with a half knot. Why add the knot? It’s a way to get a supportive chest belt without having to tie at shoulder.

It does add support, but it can also start digging into your chest. Especially if you have a large chest and can’t center the knot on your breast bone easily. And I have a small chested friend who cannot stand this variation because the knot has no cushion and just digs right into. I say this not to scare you away, but just something to keep in mind. I love this fluffy wraps and for no more than an hour of wearing, so the knot as less chance of digging in.

You need a base wrap or longer for this variation. This Smitten with Wovens Vena Cava Theo is a base size 0.5 for me with Bear.


It starts out like a normal Tied Under Bum variation. Baby up with wrap off center, make seat, do a chest pass, sling pass, and tighten.


Just like with the Front Cross, keep the tension tight and bring both tails in front of your chest. But instead of simply crossing them…


Make a half knot. It does not really matter which tail goes over which, as long as it feels comfortable for you. I bring my left tail under and through the right tail. Remember this a half knot—a single knot. So only loop it around once.


Now bring the tails over both of baby’s legs and try to pin down the seat behind his knees in the process.


Now tie a secure and tight double knot. right under baby’s bum.


Adjust the knot so it is sitting comfortable on your body. I like mine centered at the top of my breast bone. You can cap or spread out the shoulders too, this can help take some of the pressure off the knot and eliminate pressure points. This carry is good for seat poppers, as the knot under bum helps keep the seat in place.


I love the look of this from the front. The clean lines really show off the pattern of a wrap like this. Give this a try and comment if you find the knot diggy.

Double Hammock Series


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