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Settling into to Homeschool

It is four months now of Jack’s homeschooling adventure. I thought this was a good point to reflect and share how it is going for us.

Several things have changed. Jack is no longer going to the outdoor preschool (nothing bad happened, it’s a long story). I also got a new job with a few more hours. However, it is finally a job with consistent hours. Also, we just went through a round of various family illnesses from December to just last week in February. In a nutshell, we had more available hours to do homeschool, but didn’t push it if we didn’t feel good.

That does not mean Jack did not do work! He really loves learning and doing new activities. He FLEW through the first unit I planned for him. I had planned on it being 3-4 weeks, he did it in two. However, there were a few things he struggled with or even refused to do. This caused me to rethink my ciriculum.

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