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Double Hammock Series: Semi or BRTS


We are stepping up a skill level in this series with a one-shoulder carry. This asymmetrical carry gives you all supportive chest pass but only one ruck strap shoulder.

Formerly know as a Double Hammock Rebozo, currently referred as a Semi Double Hammock, Double Hammock Traditional Sling Carry, or Back Reinforced Torso Sling.

Why would you want to try a one-shoulder carry? This is a great option for several reasons. First of all, one less pass means it can be done in a shorter wrap. A great option for those who do not have a base + size wrap to complete a full double hammock.

Second, one-shoulder can be a good option for those with shoulder or back problems like me. No pressure or rubbing on a sore or hurt spot.

Lastly, it is always fun to try something new and advance your skills!

This variation begins similar to a basic Double Hammock. This carry is best done with a base -2 or -3 wrap. This Pacific Northwest Wovens is a base size -3 for Jack and I.

Baby up with wrap off center on their back. Make seat, chest pass, sling pass.

This is where we deviate. Instead of bringing the pass up on to your shoulder for a ruck strap, bring it under your arm. Go slow, make sure you keep the tension as you move it.

Now bring the tail from under your arm to the other day, and tie a knot. I perfer to have the under arm tail do the work, having it go over and around the on the shoulder tail.

Make you tie a secure double knot. Keep the tension.

Now work out any remaining slack amd retie the knot as needed. I also like to cap my shoulder with the fabric.

It is that simple. The knot ends up at the center of your chest, similar position to a Tibetan Finish.

This is not seat popper friendly since there is no form of reinforcing pass to pin the seat in place. It cam be a good option for a leaner if you put the sling pass on the side they tend to lean. It will help lock them in place. The key making this a truly comfortable carry with even a giant 3-year-old’s weight distributed evenly is true knee-to-knee seat.

You can do this variation on either side. I prefer to leave my left shoulder free since it is my injured one. No sling pass putting pressure on it. I usually choose one shoulder carries with Jack when my injury flairs up.

Give this basic one-shoulder variation a try! It the gate way to a whole other variation world.

Double Hammock Series


A special thank you to Pacific Northwest Wovens for loaning this wrap.

Photo credit to Alacrity Photography.

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