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Homeschool Preschool Supplies

suppliesThe ability to homeschool is a major privilege, especially financially. It requires at least sum disposable income to get the basic supplies needed like paper, books, crayons, and art supplies. And in this day and age, you also coyod use computer, internet access, a printer, smartphone/tablet, and paid apps.

It all adds up. And at that point it might not be cheaper than sending your kid to an official school.

It is possible to get the supplies you need and stay within your budget. You just need to be realistic, just like anything in life. Focus on what you really need to get started and what is important to your child.

I had all the grand ideas and plans, but when I went to the store to buy, I realized it was not realistic. But I wasn’t discouraged. I was still determined to homeschool. I just changed my approach.

I thought about what my goal for Jasck was: teach him about nature/animals and prepare him for kindergarten.

I focused on the latter first, what did he need to know for kindergarten? In a nutshell: listening, numbers, letters, writing, basic vocab. Nothing too fancy. So I didn’t really need fancy supplies.

Here is a list of what I decided on and why. Majority was brought at the dollar store.


Construction paper

  • Large crayons
  • Big box of crayons
  • Playing Dough
  • Pencils
  • Feathers
  • Googly eyes
  • Pom poms
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Small organizer
  • Paint and brushes
  • Workbooks
  • Coloring book

I also realized I had stuff already that was perfect for preschool. I encourage you to look at the toys and supplies you have at home too before you head to the store.

Things Already Had:

  • Library Card
  • Puzzle Matching Cards
  • Computer/Printer/Internet—-Check you local library if you do not have access to these at home. Many offer free access and inexpensive printing fees.
  • Animal toys—stuffed animals, little plastic figures, beanies babies, & etc.
  • Books— We always ask for books as gifts starting with Jack’s baby shower. We now a good variety of topics now.
  • Shape blocks— Like ones in various shapes, some are part of a puzzle or insert into a box.c
  • Legos
  • Blocks

I did buy one expensive, unnecessary thing: an subscription to ABC Mouse. Does Jack really need it? Not at all, he will learn stuff without a fancy app. Why did I get it? Honestly, for the days I am lazy/busy/stressed but he needs something to do. I know there are other free apps and programs he could do, but I personally really like the features and set-up for the ABC Mouse. * THIS STATEMENT IS OF MY OWN FREE WILL, I WILL NOT PAID OR ENDORSE IN ANY WAY BY ANY COMPANY*

This is what I thought would get us started for now. Your childs and your own needs may be totally different. So, your list may look a bit different. And you might get it all wrong. I am prepared to be wrong and change my plan.

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