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Double Hammock Series: Semi with a Slip Knot


Just like with the Tied at Shoulder variation, you can tie a Semi Double Hammock with a slip knot!

This variation is small, but it can be really comfortable. The slip knot makes the carry easy to adjust and it sits more evenly on your chest.

This carry uses a base -3 or longer, just like the double knot version. I am using a base -3 for me and Jack.

It starts like a basic Double Hammock. Wrap off center, baby up, makr seat, longer tail under arm for torso pass, and sling pass.

Bring the longer tail under your arm and cross it over the shorter tail in front.

Starting from the outside, bring it behind and through the shorter tail, looping it around back to the center of your chest. Let the tail hang down, towards the center of your chest after the loop.

Repeat the loop again, longer tail over the shorter. Loop it from the outside, under the shorter tail and through. However, this time bring the end of the tail through center of the loop. Then pull the rest of the tail through. For a Slip Knot refresher, see Tied at Shoulder Variation.

This knot is adjustable, so position it comfortably in the corsage position and feed any slack out the shorter tail.

This is a wonderful adjustable variation. I like it for a hiking because it is easy to retightened as we bounce around on the trail. Like with the double knot version, this is not seat popper friendly. And it could be leaner friendly if you put the sling pass on baby’s leaning side.

Good luck with those slip knots!




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