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Double Hammock Series: Shepard’s Carry

shepd.jpgWho is ready for another Double Hammock variation with a short wrap? The Shepherd’s Carry is popular carry that for some reason does not have double or hammock in the title for some reason.  I actually had a hard time finding information on the origins of this name or variation…. if you know please comment!

In a nutshell, Shepherd’s is a Semi Double Hammock, just with the chest pass pinning the shorter tail on your chest.

Begins like a Basic Double Hammock. Wrap off center on baby’s back, baby up, make seat, and longer tail under your arm.

This is where we deviate. When you do the torso pass, go OVER the tail on the opposite shoulder. This will pin the tail in place.

Do the sling pass and bring the tail under your arm, like with the Semi Double Hammock.

After you get the slack out, bring the two tails together at the center ob your chest and tie a knot. This is just like the Semi Double Hammock, just with one tail pinned under the torso pass.

Make sure you tie a double knot for security.

Adjust your shoulders as needed. The knot is best positioned at the center of your chest, but this will vary depending on body shape. Just make sure it is comfortable for you.

This carry has no reinforcing passes, so it is not the best for seat poppers. But if you achieve a deep seat, even a popping pro like Jack has a hard time. It can be leaner friendly if you put the sling pass on the site baby tends to lean.

You may be wondering why you would want to pin the tail under the torso pass in the first place. It distributes baby’s weight into the chest pass more, rather than on your upper back. This is the reason is a great multiple layer options for those with a upper back issues.

This is seriously a fave of mine, pleade give it a try!

Check out the rest of my series too!


Thank you to Pacific Northwest Wovens for loaning the featured wrap.

Photo Credit Alacrity Photography.

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