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Double Hammock Series: Sternum Strap

There are many wrappers who cannot stand ruck straps—straps that come over your shoulders and then under your arms. But many also still want the security of two shoulders. The next few carries in the series are exactly what these wearers are looking for—-two shoulder ruckless!

I am starting it off with a classic variation, Sternum Strap.  Most old-school wearers I’ve met say this was the first “fancy finish” they did back in the day. It is pretty simple. It is similar to the Front Cross, but more Lexi twists.

I am using a base +0.5  Wildthing Sublime from Bijou. This carrier is best done with any larger than base size wrap.

It begins just like a Basic Double Hammock. Baby up with wrap off center, chest pass, and sling pass.

dblhammock94This is where we deviate.  I tighten the slack out of your tails as best you can. This is a harder varaiation to tighten after tying.  Then bring your tails to the center of your chest. dblhammock95Now cross the tails. Most find it most comfortable to start the cross at the top your sternum. Once  you have a comfy spot for your body, start twisting. Twist the tails down your torso. There is no set number of twists or length. I suggest just down to the bottom of your chest pass. Lastly, bring the tails behind your back and over baby’s legs. Tie a double knot under baby’s bum to secure the carry.dblhammock98 And that is it! A simple, but fancy variation  of a Tied Under Bum with no Ruck straps!dblhammock100I love doing this variation in a double-sided wrap. The contrast stands out beautifully. dblhammock102

This carry is great for leaners, the pass over the legs helps prop them upright. But seat poppers will probably be able to pop easily.


Seriously, give this fun and easy variation a try! It is a great step into fancy finishes.


Double Hammock Series:



Thank you to Bijou Wear for loaning this wonderful wrap.

Photo Credit to Alacrity Photography.

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