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Double Hammock Series: Freshwater Finish


The Freshwater Finish has a special place in my heart. It was the first “Fancy Finish” I nailed and loved.

This variation is one of “water finishes”, as many refer to them due to their water-related names.

This is the simplest version the four, in my opinion. It is essentially a fancy Tied Under Bum finish, but without ruck straps.

Freshwater is done with a base or longer wrap. I am using a base +0.5 Bijou Wear Wildchild Sublime.


This is where we deviate. When making the chest pass, bring it over the tail coming off course shoulder, pinning it down. Just like we did in the Shepherd’s Carry.


Then do the carry as usual, making a sling pass and bringing the tail over your shoulder. Then tighten all the slack out. Spread out your chest pass as needed too.


Next, bring the tail the longer, unpinned tail (the one you’ve been working with all along) to the center of your body. Cross it under the other tail sticking out from the bottom rail. I sae cross rather thsn twist, because that would be a different variation will get to shortly! Then bring both tails behind your back and over baby’s legs.


Secure with a double knot under baby’s bottom, just like in a Tied Under Bum variation. Work out any remaining slack, especially from the chest pass. It like to magically appear after you cross the tails in front. Make sure to retire your knot after getting the slack out!


And that is it! A fun variation that can show off a double sided wrap.


No ruck straps and no knot in front make this a good choice for pregnancy.


This is a good carey for learners, but the lack of cross passes might not be the best for seat poppers.


This is an easy step into the realm of more complex finishes. Give it a try!

Double Hammock Series

Thank you to Bijou Wear for loaning this beautiful wrap.

Photo credit to Alacrity Photography.

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