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Double Hammock Series: Saltwater Finish


What is the opposite of fresh water? Salt water! The next of the “water finishes” is the saltwater finish. It has some similarities to the previous Freshwater Finish, but it’s a bit more….salty.

Meaning, it is a bit more complicated. Well, really it just has a few more twists and tucks.

This is a variation of Tied Under Bum, like Freshwater. It is best done with a base or longer wrap. I am using a base +0.5 Bijou Wildchild Sublime.

This carry begins like the Basic Double Hammock-–baby up with middle marker off center, make seat, bring longer tail under your arm for as chest pass.


This is where we deviate. Like with the Shepherd’s Carry, bring the chest pass over the shorter tail to pin it to your chest.


Then continue with the sling pass and tighten out all the slack you can once the fabric is over your shoulder.

Rather than bore you with individual detail photos, I think it is easier go just look at one photo while I explain. Bring the longer (unpinned) tail under the pinned tail at the top your chest. Then bring the same tail down your chest over the torso pass. Then twist that tail over the other (pinned) tail.

Bring both tail behind you and under baby’s legs. Tie a secure double knot.

Now you have a Saltwater Finish! No ruck straps, and some fancy crosses and twists.

Why give this varaiotion a try instead of the simpler Freshwater? Some find the cross at the top secures the straps better on your shoulders.

This carry is good for learners but may not be able to contain a seat popper due to the lack of cross passes.

Give this saltier water finish a try!

Double Hammock Series

Thank you to Bijou Wear for loaning this beautiful wrap!

Photo credit to Alacrity Photography.

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