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Double Hammock Series: Sweetheart Finish


I am going to take a pause on the “water finishes” for a second to take advantage of the beauty of a double-sided wrap. What is a double-sided wrap? Simply, a wrap that is different on each of its two sides. The Bijou Wildchild Sublime used in this photo tutorial has white with black flowers on one side and black with white flowers on the other. This makes for a lovely, eye catching contrast.

Why would you want this in a wrap? To do a Sweetheart Finish, of course! This variation is fundamentally the same as Basic Double Hammock—except it has a sweetheart neckline of sorts. I am using a base +0.5 for this  variation. It can be done in any base size or longer length.

It begins like the Basic Double Hammock. Baby up with wrap off center, make seat, and bring longer tail under your arm.


This is where we deviate. Time to make the sweetheart neckline. It is VERY important that you have a secure seat and you maintain the tension in the tails at all times to keep baby secure while you do this part. First lean forward slightly to keep baby on your back easier. Then stick the shorter tail between your legs to keep the tension. Spread the wrap over one side of your chest slightly (this helps hold it in place). Then twist the fabric once. I prefer going upward, taking the bottom rail to the top and the top rail to the bottom. Now the reserve side of the wrap is showing. Spread it slightly across the other side of your chest. dblhammock76Continue the carry just like a Basic Double Hammock. Bring the tail under your other arm for a sling pass. Spreading the wrap out wide over baby’s back and bring it over your other shoulder.

dblhammock77Take your time to get all the slack out. Tighten section by section as needed this can be a little trickier with the chest pass twist. If you follow the rails at the twist, it is a lot easier. Remember the rails flips, so start with the top rail slack at your first breast (the black side for me), then feed it down through the twist where it becomes the new bottom rail. Repeat the bottom rail on the black side, but feeding it up through the twist. Then take all the slack out like normal once it it out of the chest pass.

dblhammock78Now bring those tails under your arms for some cross passes and back to the front to tie a Double Knot. You can absolutely tie under bum as well. Then spread out your chest pass as needed and you all done! The twist creates a lovely sweetheart neckline in the chest pass. While this finish looks great in any wrap, it looks amazing in a double-sided one. A great way to showcase the color.


Many finish the twist pulls baby’s weight lower one their body, taking the weight off the shoulders a bit.

This carry is great for both seat poppers and leaners with the multiple layers and supporting cross passes….even with baby’s and your eyes closed. I thought this photo was too funny to not include.
dblhammock80The Sweetheart Finish might be a little more work than a Basic Double Hammock, but is fairly simple variation that is totally worth a try!


Double Hammock Series:

A special thank-you to Bijou Wear for loaning this wrap.

Photo credit to Alacrity Photography.


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