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Double Hammock Series: Half Saltwater Finish

HSWNow we come back to the “water finishes”. What do you get when you only do the bottom of a Saltwater Finish? A half Saltwater finish. Real original name, I know…

But why is this not a Freshwater Finish? They look pretty much the same. But there is one subtle difference. There is a twist rather than a cross at the bottom. I know it is a small difference, but it is a difference. So it is a true variation.

This is Tied Under Bum Variation, like the other waters we have done so far. I am using a base +0.5… This can be done with either a base or longer wrap.

It begins like a Basic Double Hammock. Baby up with wrap off center on their back. Make seat, bring tail under arm.


This is where we deviate. Like the Saltwater Finish, pin the tail coming over your shoulder with the chest pass. The continue with a sling pass over baby’s back and onto your shoulder for the other ruck strap.


Tighten all all the slack as needed.


Then bring the longer tail down to the bottom center of the chest pass, where the shorter tail is hanging out.


Now twist the tails so the tails are still on the same side as the shoulders they are coming off of (rather then the opposite side like with the Freshwater Finish).


Next bring the tails behind your back and over baby’s legs.


Tie a double knot to secure.


Adjust your chest pass and shoulders as needed.


There you go! A Half Saltwater Finish.


The extra twist—instead of the Freshwater cross–makes the chest pass a bit more secure and snug, something some wrappers prefer. Also, some wrappers like only the twist at the bottom–rather than the one at the neck too like with the Saltwater Finish. It feels less constricting on the chest. It is all personal preference, give all three a try and see what you like best.


This variation works well for leaners, but the lack of cross passes may not work for seat poppers.


Give this subtle but still fun variation a try!

Double Hammock Series



This wrap is borrowed from the Babywearing International of Portland Learning Library.

Photo Credit to Alacrity Photography.

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