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Double Hammock Series: Rapids


Time for the last water finish! This time we are getting a little more wild, with Rapids!

Why is it called Rapids? Because one tail goes around your body like a rapid in a river spinning your boat around. Or that is my guess at least. Wrappers love to come up with unique names for carries.

Rapids is similar to the Half Saltwater Finish, but with a single bunches pass like a Tied At Shoulder….but it is tied in front like a Basic Double Hammock. This is variation is definitely unique.

I am using a base +0.5 Tekhni…. This carry can be done with any base or longer wrap.


We deviated right from the start for Rapids. The wrap more off center, like with Tied at Shoulder. However, this time the longer tail will be the one NOT going under your arm.


Get baby up, make seat and bring the shorter tail under your arm. Pin the longer tail under the chest pass.


Then a sling pass and bring the tail over your shoulder. Work out any slack as needed.


Now bring the shorter tail down the center of your chest pass to meet the longer tail at the bottom.


Twist the longer tail over the shorter one. Now the longer tails will be on opposite sides.


Keep a hand on the shorter tail or stick it between your legs to keep the tension. Bring the longer tail behind your back. Bring it over both of baby’s legs for a horizontal bunched pass and back to the front.


Now tuck the tail around itself where you started going around your body, just after the twist.




Now tie a knot with both tails and you are done!


Twists and turns, around and around. Rapids is variation unlike any other.


This carry is good for leaners with the bunches horizontal pass. But a seat popper may be able to escape still.

Give this Rapids a try, it will leave your spinning!

Double Hammock Series:


Photo Credit Alacrity Photography

This wrap is borrowed for the Babywearing International of Portland Learning Library.

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