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Double Hammocks Series: Sweetheart Freshwater


Maybe you are thinking to yourself right now, “Wait, hold on one second Sam… I like these water finishes but I want that sweetheart chest pass to pin that tail down ever more….” (or maybe not, but I imagine so).

Well, you are in luck because such a Double Hammock variation exists! Sweetheart Freshwater. It is exactly what you think—a freshwater finish but the chest pass has a flipped pass for a sweetheart finish.

I am using a base size plus 0.5 wrap. This carry can be done in base or longer wrap.


It starts just like a Freshwater Finish, baby up with wrap off center and make seat.


Bring the longer tail under your arm and start a chest pass. But flip over the center of your chest, just like with Sweetheart. Then continue the chest pass, going over the shorter tail. Now your chest pass has a twist in the center and is pinning down the other tail.


Then do a sling pass over baby and bring the wrap over the opposite shoulder. Tighten out any slack and adjust your chest pass as needed.


Now bring the longer tail down to the bottom center of the chest pass to meet the shorter tail. Cross the longer tail under the shorter tail.


Now bring the tails behind your back and over baby’s. Secure with a double knot under baby’s bum.


Now you have an even fancier water finish (as if it wasn’t already fancy enough). This is a great carry to show off a double-sided or striped wrap.


This carry is great for leaners and wiggly babies. That chest twist and pinned tail really lock this whole carry in place. But the lack of cross passes might not be the best for a seat popper.

Give this fancy fancy finish a try! You will not be disappointed.

Double Hammock Series


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