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Double Hammock Series: Sweetheart Half Saltwater

hswshWe did a Sweetheart Freshwater, so naturally we need to do Sweetheart Half Saltwater!

It’s pretty much what you are thinking…a sweetheart chest flip on Half Saltwater Finish.

It is a variation on Tied Under Bum. I am using a Base +0.5. This variation can be done in any Base or longer wrap, depending on how much tail you want.

Also, someone on Facebook asked if they could tie Freshwater, Saltwater, and Sweetheart at the waist if they have a lot of tail. Of course! This carry is normally tied under bum to not distract from the fancy finish with big knot. But you can absolutely bring the tails to the front and tie!

To being, get baby up with the wrap off center. Make seat, tighten, and bring the longer tail under your arm.


We deviate right early, just like with Sweetheart. Flip your chest pass in the middle of your chest.


Then finish the chest pass and bring the fabric around for a sling pass over baby’s back.


Tighten out all the slack, working carefully on the chest pass to keep the flip centered. Next bring the longer tail down to the bottom center of the chest pass. Cross it in front of the shorter, pinned tail.


Twist the tails back over each other. So the tails are noe back on the sides they started from.

Now bring the tails behind your back and over baby’s legs.

Tie a secure double knot under baby’s bottom.


Adjust your chest pass for comfort and there you go! wrap46

This is a very supportive and secure feeling carry. It may not best option for a seat popper due to the lack of bunches passes, but the multiple layers will make it harder for them to try. wrap45

Fancy, supportive, and fun! Only a small twist difference from a Freshwater Sweetheart, but still a fun varaiotion to try!

Double Hammock Series


This wrap is borrowed from the Babywearing International Of Portland Learning Library.

Photo credit to Alacrity Photography.

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