Double Hammock Series: Rapunzel Finish

Rapunzel, Rapunzel….let down your long hair—-so some stranger can pull your braid out as he climbs up to interrupt your day.

Such a weird fairy tail. And this variation is weird too, in my opinion.

It is certainly stunning, don’t get me wrong. But it is….too much. Well, for the kind of babywearing I do at least. I am either wrapping up screaming kid to finish chores or while hiking on a trail. I am all for fancy, but I need functionality too.

The Rapunzel Finish has an elaborate chest belt that is not the best option for quick ups. Nonetheless, there is no question that is beautiful and fun.

This is a Tied At Shoulder variation and requires at least a base +2. I am using a base +2 DBG Be Unique.


Since it is like a Tied At Shoulder, you will start even more off center than a Basic Double Hammock. I know it doesn’t look that off center in the above photo because the tails are so long, but there is big difference in the two tails.  Then baby up, make seat, chest pass sling pass, and tighten. But leave the chest pass bunched, like with the Shirt Double Hammock.


Bring the longer tail behind you for a bunched horizontal over both of baby’s legs. Bring the tail under your arm. You can tie a half knot at shoukdrr to keep the tension. I don’t like the feeling of the knot, so I skip it. I stick the longer tail between my legs to keep the tension for now.


Now we deviate. Thread the shorter tail through the top of the chest pass. Make a small loop at the bottom.


While keeping the loop, thread the tail back through the top of the chest pass again.


Now thread the longer tail into the loop, from the front out the back.


Pull both tails tight.


Make another loop with the shorter tail on the top of the chest pass and thread it through down through the top of the chest pass again.


Pull the long tail through the loop again.


Pull tight again.


Real threading through chest pass looping, and feeding the long tail through the loop to fill the length of the chest pass.


Remember to alternate between the top and bottom of the chest pass.


When you reach the end of the chest pass, bring one tail under the other ruck strap and tie a double knot around it.


Adjust the chest pass position as needed and that is it. It is a truly magical chest belt. But once it is a secured, there is no adjusting. No way to get slack out. And it takes a bit to undo, so it’s not for quick ups. wrap110

As you can see, the lack of bunched passes makes it easy for this cranky little borrowed toddlers to pop the seat. wrap112

I will say this variation is very comfortable, even him pooping the second seat. The chest pass really takes pressure off your shoulders.


When you have the time and patience, give this stunning finish a try!


Double Hammock Series


Photo Credit to Alacrity Photography.

Thank you to DBG Baby for donating this wrap.

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