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Double Hammock Series: Pond Finish


Remember how I said Rapids was the last water finish? I lied. I forgot about Pond!

I have no idea why this is called a Pond Finish. The Whovian in me dreams it has something to do with Amy Pond….but probably not.

*Update! I found it this carry was indeed named for Amy Pond! My Whovian dreams came true!

This is a one-shoulder carry. And a tied under bum variation. And a sternum strap variation. This one simple carry has a lot going on.

This can be done in base size, or base +1 if you want more tail. I am a using base +0.5 I am using Firesprial Poseidon Cirrus Tentacular Spectacular.

Begin like Semi Double Hammock. Baby up off center, chest pass, and spread horizontal pass over baby and under your other arm.

Get the slack out as needed. Then bring the tails together off center of your chest, towards your free shoulder.

Twist the tails together down your torso until you reach the bottom of the chest pass.

Spilt the tails and bring them behind your back. Secure with a double knot under baby’s bottom.

Spread your shoulder out if you like and adjust the twist as needed.

This carry is not the best option for leaders, unless you can get the sling pass on the side baby leans magically.

I really love the look of this finish. The off center twist is elegant.

Give this simple but complex variation a try!

Double Hammock Series

A special thank-you to Firespiral Slings for donating this wrap.

Photo credit to Alacrity Photography.

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