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Double Hammock Series: Poppin’s Finish

Do you know what happens when you shoot photos for almost 2 hours with a toddler? He looses patients and you just quickly shoot what you can before he has a meltdown. This means you kind of don’t get all the step-by-step shots you hoped for….opps.

Anyways, this can still be an informative photo tutorial. So let’s get popping! Poppin’s Finish that is. This finish is named for the type of pass over that sits on top of the chest pass—the Poppin’s Pass. It is the same pass featured in the Poppin’s Hip Carry. Someone probably was trying out new double hammock finishes and thought “Let’s try my fave hip carry pass over the top of this!” Like the hip carry, this is a one shoulder carry.

The only thing I know about the origins of the name is that it is not named after a person. Not the person who made it up or even Marry Poppins. My guess? It’s because you “pop” or spread one tail back over itself. Regardless, it’s a very eye-catching variation!

This can be done in a base size wrap. I am using base +0.5 Firesprial Poseidon Cirrus Tentacular Spectacular.

It begins like a Half Double Hammock. Baby up with wrap off center, chest pass, spread horizontal pass over baby’s back, and tail under your arm to the front. Tighten out any slack as needed.

Next bring the shorter tail (the one over your shoulder), towards the center of your chest. Pin it between your knees or hold it tight to keep the tension.

Bring the longer tail (the one under your arm), under the shorter tail, centering it around the middle of your chest.

Keep the shorter tail pinned tight as you bring the longer tail back over itself (back towards the arm it came under. Now the reverse side of the wrap will be showing on one side of your chest.

Bring the longer tail under your arm again. Bring the pass over baby’s leg.

You can spread the pass over baby’s back for a cross pass (bring it under baby’s opposite leg). Then tie a double knot off center in the front (like I did). Or you can bring the shorter tail over baby’s leg too and tie a double knot under baby’s bum.

This is variation is a wonderful way to show off a double-sided wrap! The poppin’s pass, when tightened properly, carries most of the tension, make this a very comfortable variation. However, if it is too loose, the carry will hurt and fall apart quickly. So take your time and get that slack out!

If you tie in front, the extra pass over baby gives you a little more support and locks the seat in better. This is a good choice for seat poppers.

If you tie under bum, the knot helps keeps leaners in place a bit more…but remember this is a one shoulder carry so leaning is still going to happen.

This variation is truly popping! Give it a try!

Thank you to Firespirial for donating this wrap.

Photo credit to Alacrity Photography.

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