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Double Hammock Series: Robin’s Finish

Like the previous Poppin’s Finish, I did not get all the step-by-step photos I hoped for during this photoshoot. Bear was losing his patience after nearly 2 hours.

Anyways, I am excited for this variation! This features the shoulder loop from the Robin’s Hip Carry, my fave hip carry. I love that is simple, comfortable, but still a little fun. I am all for utilitarian function with babywearing, but it’s nice to have something pretty sometimes, too.

I have heard two thing about the origins of the Robin’s Hip Carry. First, it’s name for a person named Robin who made it up. Or, like Poppin’s, it’s just a completely made up name.

This can be done in base size. I am using Firesprial Poseidon Cirrus Tentacular Spectacular.

It begins like a Half Double Hammock. Baby on back with wrap off center, chest pass, spread horizontal pass, and bring the tail under your arm to the front. Tighten out slack as needed.

Now we deviate. Pin the shorter tail (the one coming over your shoulder) between your legs to keep the tension Bring the longer tail (the one coming from under your arm) over the top of the shorter tail.

Pin the longer tail between your leg or hold it tight if you can.

Now flip the shorter tail back over your shoulder. It will now be doubled over itself on your shoulder.

Spread that tail over baby’s back for second sling pass. Bring it under baby’s leg and towards your front. Work out any slack as needed.

Secure with double knot off center on your side.

Now you have the comfort of a Robin’s shoulder loop, but baby is on your back in a secure double hammock!

I like the support the “sling pass sandwich” provides in this variation. The first sling pass is locked in with the horizontal pass. Then it’s all reinforced with the second sling pass on top. Makes it hard for a seat popper to escape.

Even though there are two sling passes, they are on the same side. This means a leaner is still gonna lean.

I like how shoulder flip allows for both sides of the wrap to be showcased over baby’s back.


Give this awesome one-shoulder variation a try!

Double Hammock Series


Thank you to Firespirial for donating this wrap.

Photo credit to Alacrity Photography.

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