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Double Hammock Series: Strangleproof


This first time I heard the phrase “strangleproof finish”, I had this flashback to when I was learning to wrap. I was trying to do a Kangaroo Carry and could not get the shoulder flips right. I ended up with the shoulder traps pretty much strangling me. But I digress…

This variation must have been named by someone who was trying to do a ruckless variation that did not creep up on there neck. It is essentially a Front Cross mixed with a Knotless Tibetan Finish. You get the shoulder comfort of a no ruck straps and the waist comfort of a knotless finish. Plus it looks awesome!

This carry can be in any base size or longer, depending on how long you like your tails. I like mine long. I used a base +2 DBG BE Unique for this photo tutorial.

You will also notice I borrowed Alacrity Photography’s child again. He is in between Jack and Bear’s sizes. If I was using Jack, this wrap would be base +1.5. Bear would be base +2.5. Base size is arbitrary, so please don’t get caught up in numbers. Just go with what you and baby need that day! More on base size.

Begins just like a Basic Double Hammock. Baby up with wrap off center, make seat, chest pass, sling pass, and tighten as needed.

Then cross the tails in the front over the center of your chest. Next you can either do spread or bunched cross passes over baby’s back. Either way, bring the tail under your arms and complete your pass choice. Do this for both sides.


Place one tail between your legs to keep the tension. You know the fabric choking you right now? Grab the part on the same side as the unpinned tail.


Feed the unpinned tail over the top…


….and pull it all the way through the bottom.


Repeat with the other tail. Grab the part of the cross on the same side as the tail.


Feed it over the top and pull it down through.


It is important to note that I did not feed it through the loop. It goes straight over the cross and dangles freely over your chest.


Adjust and tighten as needed. As you can see, my tails are not even. I must been off on measuring the middle marker. Oh well! Not a big deal. That’s not the important part, it’s the beautiful chest belt! It looks so fancy, but is so simple.


This variation can be great for both leaners and seat poppers, depend on if you do spread or bunched cross passes.


I like the dangling longer tails. If you want them out of the way, either tie them up behind or or try shorter wrap.

Double Hammock Series


Thank you to DBG Baby for donating this wrap.

Photo credit to Alacrity Photography.

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