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Double Hammock Series: Celtic Knot

You may have wondered why I used such a long wrap for the previous Strangleproof photo tutorial? Why would I want so much tail?

Well in general I do like long tails. They look so pretty! But I used a long wrap this time for a good reason.

Celtic Knot Finish! It’s pretty much a strangleproof with one extra step, so you need a bit more tail.I am using the same DBG Baby BE Unique base +1.5. And you will notice that once again, this is a borrowed baby in the photos.

Follow the full tutorial for the Strangleproof Finish. You will have two tails dangling off your chest pass…


Take those two tails and cross them over the center of your chest. I have seen some people do this was two to three twists instead of just the one cross, but I don’t think that looks like a Celtic knotwrap142

Then bring the tails behind your back and over baby’s legs. Secure with a double knot. The knot and added passes add a tiny bit of support, but are mainly just to get the tails back away from the chest knot. wrap147

And that’s it! It is really just one more step (okay, maybe two) from a Strangleproof. But what a different that step makes! So beautiful and really secure. I did this finish hiking once, stayed put for close to 2 hours.

So, if you already have a Strangleproof on and want to try something else, give a Celtic Knot a try!

Double Hammock Series


Thank you to DBG Baby for donating this wrap.

Photo Credit to Alacrity Photography.

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