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Double Hammock Series: Christina’s Ruckless

Sometimes a Double Hammock hides under another name. This carry does not have the words “double” or “hammock” in the title, but it is definitely a double hammock. I realized I have not really explained the true definition of a double hammock yet in this series….

Officially, it’s a back carry with two sling passes over baby and a chest pass. But there are definitely a few carries called double hammocks (including ones I have featured so far) that do not meet all the criteria. Why don’t they correct the names? Why didn’t I leave them off this series? Meh, there are bigger problems to deal with in the babywearing community than a reinforced torso sling masquerading as Double Hammock.

However, a Christina’s Ruckless IS a true double hammock! It has a cool chest pass and two sling passes over baby’s back. It just doesn’t have the name. I recalled being this a person named Christina invented this carry when I first started wrapping….but I cannot find info to support this at this time. I will update if I find out more.

This variation can be done is a base -1 wrap. I am using a base -0.5 for Bear and I. This a tester from Pacific Northwest Wovens called Stripes.


This carry deviates before baby even goes up. It starts with the middle marker centered on baby’s back.


Then baby goes up like normal. Make a secure seat and tighten.


Bring one of the tails (they are both the same length so it does not matter which) under your arm. Make sure to keep the tension and keep a baby secure.


Stick the other tail between your legs to keep the tension then do chest pass OVER the tail between your legs.


Bring it over baby’s back for sling pass. Bring the pass under baby’s legs.


Now take the tail between your legs and bring it up towards your uncovered shoulder to make a V at the middle of your chest….


…..and flip it onto the shoulder. I like to spread it wide to make it easier to bring over baby’s back….


….for another sling pass going. Don’t forget to bring it under baby’s other leg!


Now tie a double knot to secure.


You can adjust the chest pass however you like. You can spread the chest pass or bunch it. You can have the V cup you shoulders or stay bunched. Whatever is more comfy for you!


This carry is great for leaners and seat poppers alike, the sling passes under the legs really lock baby down.


Some people don’t like the V at their chest. I have a friend who totally cannot stand it. But I personally love it. It’s an easy way to have no ruck straps.


Please, please, please give one of my favorites a try! It’s a fun way to do a Double Hammock with no ruck straps!

Double Hammock Series


Thank you to Pacific Northwest Wovens for loaning me this tester wrap.

Photo credit to Alacrity Photography.

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