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Double Hammock Series: Double Sling Shoulder to Shoulder

It’s time for another carry that does not have the name hammock in it. But it does have double! The Double Sling Shoulder to Shoulder is a definitely a double hammock—two sling passes are right in the name.

Why no hammock? It’s probably because of the chest belt. Since it is the defining feature of this carry, the name focuses on it. The two adjustable loops on the chest belt go from shoulder to shoulder, hence the name.

This carry is variation of a Tied At Shoulder, even though it has no reinforcing passes. It is best done in a base -2, but I used base size Pacific Northwest Wovens Stripes in this photo tutorial. I like the extra tails! I tuck them out of the way when I am walking though. The ends of the tails in a base -2 will fall somewhere around your waist.


This variation begins like Basic Double Hammock. Baby up on your back with wrap off center, make seat, and bring the longer tail under your arm.


This is where we deviated. Make a half or single knot with the tails. The knot will be diagonal across your chest. To do the knot correctly, make sure the longer tail is pointing up towards your face when tied.


Next, flip the longer tail (the one pointing up) over your shoulder. Take your time to guide it gently.


Spread the wrap over baby’s back for sling pass. Take your time tightening!


I like to make a second, reinforcing seat with the bottom rail. I guide it along baby’s baby and work the slack out inch by inch.


Once tightened, bring it over baby’s leg.


Lastly, bring the tail to your chest. Loop the tail over the top of the knot on your chest and pull it back down towards your side. You now have two loops in the chest belt.


You can pull on the tails to adjust tension and place the shoulder-to-shoulder loops in the optimal position for your body.


As you can see, I have a lot of left over tail. In a base -2, the tails would come to my waist only. But, it is a great way to show over a pretty wrap with long tails!


There are no reinforcing passes in this carry (which is why I emphasizes making the second seat for more support). So this may not be the best choice for seat popper or leaner.


However, I find that a solid second seat can hold up against a wiggly baby in this carry.


This was one of the first back carries I ever learned, and I still like it to this day.


Give this misnamed double hammock variation a try! This chest belt can be very comfortable when placed correctly.

Double Hammock Series


Photo credit to Alacrity Photography.

Thank you to Pacific Northwest Wovens for loaning this tester wrap.

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