Double Hammock Series: Wendy’s Tied at Shoulder

Most Double Hammocks have uneven tails, meaning the wrap is not centered even of baby’s back so one tail is longer than the other. Since one tail wraps around your body more than the other, starting off uneven ensure your tails are even for tying a knot at the end. You read that right, start off uneven to make it even at the end.

However, in a Wendy’s Double Hammock variation, the wrap starts way off center. Why the extra length in only one tail? The longer tail does extra wrapping in this variation.

This variation was created by user Momto2girls on the The Babywearer (TBW), an online babywearing forum before Facebook and other Social Media groups. It later was named Wendy’s Double Hammock. It is best done with base -1, but this Pacific Northwest Wovens wrap is a base -0.5 for Bear and I.


As started, we deviated right from the start for this carry. Measure double your off center distance (see the Basic Double Hammock for a refresher off center distance). Then baby up, make a seat, and bring the longer tail under your arm while you keep the tension. Don’t forget to lean forward slightly and keep a hand on baby’s back until everything is secured.


Next, bring the longer tail over your chest for torso pass. Then, over spread over baby’s back for a sling pass.


Bring the same tail under baby’s leg for a leg pass.


Now flip the tail over your shoulder and spread it over baby’s back for another sling pass. See, this is extra work part. Now the double distance makes sense!


At this point, take your time and work out any slack you can find. Really take your time now, this carry is very comfortable and supportive with the proper tension.


Bring the tail under baby’s leg on this side.


Secure with a double knot at your shoulder and you are all set!


Now you have a Double Hammock with an extra sling pass for extra support.


There are no bunched cross passes in this carry, but the added leg passes help lock in a seat popper.


And, the added sling pass straightens up even a master leaner.


Give this wonderful Tied At Shoulder Variation a try, the support is unmatched.

Double Hammock Series


Thank you to Pacific Northwest Wovens for loaning this tester wrap.

Photo credit to Alacrity Photography.

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