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Product Review: Quieting Comforts Premium Crib Wedge



The single most overwhelming thing to a parent is the stuff. The gadgets, gizmos, products, and whatnot. This stuff that they claim you need. This stuff that can make be a better parent. Is it true? Not really, you can be a great parent without all the stuff. I follow the policy of , “If I actually need it, I will think of it.” Meaning, just because an ad pops up and I think, “WOW! That is a great idea!”, I don’t really need it unless I had that issue before.

For example, during both my pregnancies I experienced extreme acid reflux. I couldn’t lay down flat at all without the acid rising in my throat. Sleep or rest became nearly impossible. The doctor suggest propping up my mattress with few books. But our mattress was so thick it wasn’t possible. Instead,  my husband went out to find a wedge pillow. I wanted a full size pillow that is waterproof, easy to clean, nothing complicated, and under $25. Yeah…turns out that does not really exist.

All the simple and inexpensive wedges were small pillows. The larger size ones had a bunch of bells and whistles that I did not want—-and were over $50.  I ended up settling for two small simple pillows together. But they slid around at night and were not dense enough to support me all night. I kept thinking, “I needed something better, something different.”

I used these wedges again with each of my children as crib wedges, as well. Jack was a very fussy sleeper. We tried every technique possible to get him to settle, including propping him up. The wedge pillows we could find all were too small or not safe for a sleeping baby (CDC safe sleep guidelines and safe co-sleeping guidelines) And, Bear was very unlucky his first year and caught several illnesses, including the flu. So, he was propped him up often to help clear his airway. Each time, the wedges slide around as my babies moved and just were not firm enough to support even their tiny weights. And, the cloth covers soaked easy. Diaper leaks slightly, spit up, or even sweat meant the whole thing had to be washed several time a week. Not convenient or easy.  


I kept thinking why wasn’t there a quality, waterproof, and inexpensive wedge pillow? Recently, I tried the Quieting Comforts Premium Crib Wedge and kicked myself. Where was this wedge when I was throwing up acid? Where was it when I had a fussy baby at midnight? Or a congested baby with croup?


This wedge pillow is different. First of all, it is an full size pillow. Large enough for adults and easily fits in or under a crib mattress. The foam stuffing offers medium-firm support than hold its shape even with adult weights.

Bear had been a sleep for an hour and the wedge still held 

No more flat wedges! The unique stability cape keep the wedge from sliding around during the night. It grips the sheet or blanket underneath perfect. No more fussing and adjusting!

Can you tell the day before Jack spilled grape juice ALL over it? All I had to do was wipe it clean with a damp, soapy dish towel.

The cover is a PU Leather, a durable, waterproof material that wipes clean easily (especially when Jack decided to dump juice all over ours). The cover protect the pillow, so no more frequent washing! Just wipe clean with a soapy towel and let it dry. And, it is simple. No folding parts, weird pockets, uncomfortable waffle patterns or other totally unnecessary features. And the best part? It is under $25 and eligible for Amazon Prime!

If you find yourself a thinking “I need a better wedge pillow,” give the Quieting Comforts Premium Crib Wedge a try.

*Disclosure, this company is owned by my husband’s co-worker. As with all product reviews and features, I always post my honest review. I do no endorse products I have not tried and do not genuinely approve.



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