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Double Hammock Series: Torso Double Hammock

What exactly is a double hammock? What isn’t one? I gave a talk about this series and my goals at the International Babywearing Conference. My personal general definition is, “a woven wrap carry that has two sling passes, and usually features a chest pass.”

So, this is am issue for the “double hammock” featured in this post, the torso double hammock. It very much looks like a double hammock….but it a technical not. It has a torso pass, a chest pass, and two bunched passes tied under bum….. not even one sling pass. Not even a single hammock.

Does it really matter? I argue no. It’s a harmless name. It acts like a double hammock, so why not? This is pretty much a Tied Under Bum but with no shoulders. So don’t be intimidated by idea of torso carry. If you can do a Tied Under Bum, you can do this!

This carry is best done in a base or base-1 wrap.We begin just like a Basic Double Hammock.

Get baby up with the normal off center distance and make a good seat.

Bring the longer tail over your chest, under the other tail, for a chest pass.

Then bring the longer tail under your arm and bring it around for a torso pass. This means spreading the wrap over baby’s back, but not bringing it up in your shoulder.

Take your time to tighten all the slack out.

Pin the longer tail between your legs and bring the shorter tail under your arm.

Now both tails are under your arms, making two torso passes.

Tie a single knot securely ar your chest.

Next bring both ties behind you, and tie under baby’s butt. Make sure you tir a double knot.

Before we jump to all the final stuff, let’s take a minute to really look at the structure of this carry. Without the fabric going over your shoulder, it is just all torso passes. This is visually proof it is not a true double hammock.

But, it totally does feel like one! Just minus the shoulders. I would argue this as comfy and supportive as a Tied Under Bum variation.

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