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Double Hammock Series: Datenight or Goddess Finish

Time to get super fancy! This is one of my go-to finishes for base +1 wraps. The Datenight or Goddess Finish looks complicated—-but it is actually super easy!

We already went over the Sternum Strap and the Knotless Tibetan. This variation is basically a combination of them both. So once you can do those, this is a piece of cake!

Why is it called the Datenight/Goddess Finish? Well, the finish looks like a dress or a toga. Especially in with a very long wrap, the tails drape and flow across your torso. The vertical Lexi Twist looks like the tie part for toga. If someone wants to look elegant for a date night or toga party, this would be finish! It was created by Homebound Hero, she actually did it for a Ruck but it works for Double Hammock as well.

This variation is best done in a Base +1 or longer (if you want it truly look like a dress). I am using a Wrapsody Maya One Size, which is Base +1 for Jack and I.

It all begins like a Basic Double Hammock, except don’t tie the double knot at your waist…

Instead start twisting your tails upward. One over the other up your torso.

Keep twisting until the twist is the height of your arm pits.

Bring the right tail to the outside of the right shoulder straps. Bring it underneath the strap and pull it all the through towards your chest.

Next pull the tail downward, so it goes underneath itself. This loop holds the tension so Knot not is needed. Adjust tension as desired.

Repeat on the left side. Around from the outside of the shoulder strap, pull through, and bring underneath itself. Also it doesn’t matter which side you do first. I just started with right to make it more clear.

Next, take the dangling tails tuck them into the part around your waist (where the tails come up as you started the Lexi Twist).

Repeat with the other side.

Spread out the tails over your chest as desired.

Now, you are a ready for datenight! I also want to add this a VERY supportive finish, so do not let the name deter if you aren’t feminine. My husband likes the finish, he says it’s very secure and comfy.

It’s great for leaners due to the multiple passes. And it’s great for seat poppers (Jack is the king of poppers), because it has the two bunched cross passes like a Basic Double Hammock.

This is also a great option for anyone who doesn’t want a knot at the waist, like for pregnancy or abdominal scars. I actually love this finish because it feels very secure, like a hiking harness. I feel the twist pulls the weight down torso a bit and shoulder straps feel locked into place. I do this finish often hiking.

Give this fancy but easy variation a try! And check out the rest of the series as well:

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