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Homeschool Dilemma: Kindergarten

Working on counting, numbers, and tally marks.

It has been close to 10 months of homeschooling for my family. Jack started doing preschool stuff at home slowly since last October, figuring out as we went along. Now he does at least 45 minutes of book learning 5 days a week. Plus we do more STEM and motor skill playtime all throughout the day now. Jack has grown leaps and bound mentally. It has been amazing to watch. He is very close to reading now even! All without force and letting him choose the curriculum.

He was telling me the story based on the photos since he can’t read yet.

He only has about a week left on the preschool plan I set-up. I was originally doing to do another year of preschool stuff. This would give us time to discussed homeschool or public school kindergarten. But now, with Jack almost reading and even flat out asking me for more work, I am rethinking my whole plan.

Listening to a Park Ranger talk about salmon lifecycles. This was taken a few minutes before he ran off and decided we needed to do something else.

First, let’s get something clear first. It has NOT been all rainbows and sunshine. I am not claiming Jack is a wonder child, gifted beyond all belief. There have been PLENTY of days we fight over doing work. Many days were all plans were scrapped and we sat on the couch crying. Countless nights of redoing the curriculum because it wasn’t working for either of us. But, we just made a new plan and tried again the next day. It was a learning process for the whole family.

So, what’s the plan now? Homeschool Kindergarten.

Gross and fine motor skill practice learning to fish with daddy. Plus, it was a great opportunity to talk about veganism, wildlife conservancy, and ecosystem.

He is only 4, and won’t be 5 until the spring. So I have some reservations. There are some topics and skills we won’t attempt until he is closer to 5 for sure. But, Jack asked to learn to read. I can’t ignore his enthusiasm. Do I expect him to read in a month, of course not! But why deny him the chance to learn now if he is ready. Just like with babywearing, I value individual milestones over strict limits.

And if it isn’t working out, we can just step it down until he is ready to try again. An adaptive education plan is the biggest advantage to homeschooling in my opinion. It’s not like I haven’t done it several times already!

He asked to pick berries, so we skipped school work that day and get a local farm.

I am still working on a plan, so I will share more about that later. I am going to focus on sight words and sounds for sure. We already use ABC Mouse so, I will incorporate more of that as well. I am also looking into a few other literacy programs as well. If you have suggestions, please share!

I am excited to continue to watch my baby grow and discover the world!

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