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Double Hammock Series: Bronze Age Finish

I have stated in this series before how I dislike over-complicated finishes. However, I will make a big exception for this one. The Bronze Age Finish is pretty darn intricate, but it is SO Pretty and SO comfortable. You will probably need to read these instructions several times and be confused, but I promise it is worth it so stay with me!

The origins of the name are pretty simple, it looks like a ornamental ring like you would find the Bronze Age. I have yet to find the creator of it, I will update that information once I do.

I also have found three different ways to do this finish, all fairly similar, but a little different. This is one I thought most looked like an actual ring, so I went with it. I will post the other ways later on.

This carry is best done in a base -2. I am using a Ethos Handwoven Rainbow.

It begins just a like

Baby up with normal off center distance, make seat, chest pass pinning one the non-working tail, and sling pass.

Feed the other tail under the chest pass, make sure to keep the tension on both tails!

Now, this where is get’s challenging, so bear with me. You can do this with either tail, but I am going to start with my right tail because I am right handed and that’s how I work. Bring the right tail up to the left tail above the chest pass.

Feed it underneath and pull it towards the center of your chest.

Now make a single knot with both the tails. To do this right, you need to have the right tail left tail should be the one looping over the right tail. In the end, the left tail will be on top pointing away from your chest and the right will be on the bottom pointing towards your chest.

Pull it tight and work out any kinks, slack, or pressure points.

Take the right tail (the one on the bottom pointing towards your chest) and loop it around the tail on right above the chest pass. Start from the inside and pull through to the outside over the top.

Now tuck that same tail underneath the same side as neatly as you can. Bear was losing it at this point so I just shoved it in there.

Now take the remaining left tail twist it. Make a pretty little rope of sorts.

Lastly, tuck that rope into the same area you tucked the other tail as neatly as you can.

And now you have a BEAUTIFUL finish!

Seriously, just look at this! This a pretty thick wrap so I didn’t get it lay as evenly as other photos I’ve seen, but it is still stunning!

This fancy finish that is actually supportive. The tails through the chest pass pulls the tensions off your upper back and helps bring baby’s weight to the rest of your torso. The single knot also locks in the tails for extra security.

This are no reinforcing passes, so this may not be the best option for seat poppers and leaners in the long run.

Despite Bear’s face (brother and friend were going down the slide and he wanted to join), this finish really impressed me. I really suggest trying it!

Double Hammock Series


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