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Double Hammock Series: Wiggleproof

So…I know someone taught me this finish, can’t remember who. And that person called it a Wiggleproof Double Hammock. But, upon further investigation, this doesn’t appear to a quite what most people call a Wiggleproof Double Hammock. I am not sure what this really called, everyone I asked isn’t quite sure either. So, I am sticking with the name! It has two Wiggleproof passes so, why not!

You need a base +2 size wrap or longer to do this varation. I am using a Wrapsody Hybrid Maya, which is base plus 2 for Jack and I. It beings like a Basic Double Hammock.

Baby up with wrap off center, make seat, chest pass, and cross pass.

Take your time now to make the chest pass tight and the shoulders comfy. They are key in this variation.

Now it’s time for a Wiggleproof pass. This can be a bit tricky, so just follow along. Bring the left tail (or right, I am just stating the side to make it clear), and bring it do under your arm like you would for bunched cross pass. But, bring it under baby’s leg and grab the top rail.

Now, pull the fabric up over baby’s back as smooth as possible. It works well if you grab the top rail and just glide/hop it up baby’s back. It it has higher over baby’s shoulders as you can.

Next bring it up to the opposite shoulder and stack it on top of the right tail. Pull out any slack.

Now I hold the left tail in my teeth to keep the tension while I do the other side now.

Bring it under baby’s leg on the same side, pull up over their back and stack the tail on the other ruck strap.

Next, feed both the tails through the chest pass and tighten as needed. Make sure it is all tight enough to hold the tails in place, this is a knotless tie off.

And that’s it! This Wrapsody has very thin tapered ends so it’s not that dramatic of a look, but thicker tails look AMAZING in this variation.

The two cross passes and two wiggleproof passes LOCK down even the wiggliest seat poppers and leans, like Jack here.

The multiple pass layers give baby a lot of support and comfort for long wearing sessions.

This variation takes a bit more work, but can really hold up over time. Give it a try!

Double Hammock Series


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