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Double Hammock Series: Single Ring

We finally made it to ring finishes! You all have been asking for some since I started this series a year ago. And we are finally here!

Before we get into the photo tutorial, let’s talk about what a “ring” is exactly. It’s pretty much what you think, a metal ring used to secure or finish a carry, instead of tying a knot. But these are just random rings like you night pick up at a hardware store. You need to get rings designed for babywearing. I use the industry standard of Sling Rings.

This carry uses one single ring to secure the tails through the chest pass. It is a variation of a Basic Double Hammock and is best done with a base -1 or shorter. I am using a base -2 for Bear and I. This is a Ethos Babywearing Rainbow.

Start by getting baby up on your back with the wrap measured fir your off center distance.

Do everything like a Basic Double Hammock: make seat, chest pass, sling pass, and tighten out all the slack.

Did you see in the last photo, I kept the ring on my list for easy access once I was ready for it? Great time saving tip. Get your ring on one hand while you hold the tension on your tails with the other.

Place both tails in the ring and pull them half way up the length of the tails.

Place one tail through the chest pass, keeping the ring out of pass and towards your collarbone. Repeat with the other tail.

Next bring the ring towards the center of your chest and feed both tail through the bottom of the ring, on the bottom of the chest pass.

Pull on tails to get out any remaining slack and position the ring where you want it in your chest.

Now you have a Single Ring Finish!

This is the most basic way to incorporate a ring. One important piece of advice is to make sure you use correct size ring for the thickness of your wrap. Sling Rings come in a variety of sizes, most commonly you will see small, medium, and large. Thin wraps usually need a small, medium thickness medium ring, and thick wraps need a large (or even extra large).

This a great ring beginner carry, but being simple means there are no supporting passes. So it may not be good for a leaner or a seat popper.

There are many more ring finishes to come, so give this one a try to the hang of ring finishes.

Double Hammock Series


Photo credit to Alacrity Photography.

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