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Double Hammock Series: Double Rings

Place your child who is furious that brother is playing with your friend instead of you on your back….

Make a seat and bring the longer tail under your arm and do a chest pass.

Then bring that tail around your back for a sling pass.

Take your time to tighten up the carry as best as you can. Then while keeping the tension on both tails (this a great time to stick one between your legs), place one tail through your ring. Slide it all the way to the top (by your collar bone).

Next, bring the tail under the chest pass, with the ring still free by your collar bone.

Slide the ring down a bit so you can pull the through the bottom of the ring. It will thread thought the back of the ring to outward.

Now you can let down of the threaded tail and slide the other ring onto the other tail. Make sure to keep the tension!

Slide the ring towards your collar bone and feed the tail under the chest pass.

Now pull the tail through the bottom of the ring just like the other side.

You can adjust the tension of the carry and the placement of the rings by pulling on the tails. You can also gently slide the rings around as needed.

No knot needed, and extra security with two rings.

With two rings, you have less weight being placed directly on your body. The rings bear a bit of the weight, making wearing an angry toddler a little easier.

With no reinforcing passes, this carry might hold up against a wiggler or seat popper.

It is a pretty and very comfy finish though! Give it a try!

Double Hammock Series

Photo Credit: Alacrity Photography

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