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Why I Am Happy I Didn’t Give Up Breastfeeding

Eleven weeks ago, I couldn’t imagine that I would ever say this phrase: I love breastfeeding. I really do! But it was not an easy road to get here. It hurt so bad for the first three week. Jack latch wrong and severely cracked/bruised my nipples. I was beyond exhausted and was so overwhelmed that … Continue reading “Why I Am Happy I Didn’t Give Up Breastfeeding”

Cluster Feeding and Comfort Nursing: What New Moms Need To Know About Breastfeeding

The minute I found out I was pregnant, I knew that I wanted to breastfeed. It’s “free”, helps you lose weight, and provides the best nutrition. Plus it’s great bonding time with your baby. Why wouldn’t I do it? It seemed like a no brainer! I took two breastfeeding classes, and some of the other … Continue reading “Cluster Feeding and Comfort Nursing: What New Moms Need To Know About Breastfeeding”

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Full Disclosure 

Vegan Babymama is a website, blog, YouTube channel, and various social media owned and operated by myself, Samantha Reddy.  My purpose is to promote lifestyle choices I believe in. This includes, but is not limited to, veganism, babywearing, breastfeeding, gentle parenting, natural parenting, allergy awareness, and natural childbirth. My intent is inform others of these … Continue reading “Full Disclosure “

Reddy Babywearing Services

I am Certified Babywearing  Educator and Consultant with the Center for Babywearing Studies. I offer a variety of classes to suit your needs.   Group Classes: I teach weekly group classes for Alma Midwifery at their Movement and Education Space at 1233 SE Stark St Portland, Oregon.  Check out the rotating class schedule to find the … Continue reading “Reddy Babywearing Services”

A Trip To The Allergist

As a I mentioned in Jaleeen’s guest blog a few weeks ago, Jack has been having some suspected allergy issues. If you follow me on Instagram, you know this has been going on for awhile. I have not mentioned it on here yet because I didn’t know what was going on for sure. Today I … Continue reading “A Trip To The Allergist”

Guest Post, Jaleen Vickerson: We are going Vegan (+ fish!)…

Jaleen Vickerson is a fellow Brand Ambassador for Wrapsody. I have offered her a guest post on my blog to discuss her parenting struggles to a baby with allergies and eczema.  I haven’t posted about it yet, but over the past 6 months I have been struggling with suspected allergies with Jack. It is nice to hear from … Continue reading “Guest Post, Jaleen Vickerson: We are going Vegan (+ fish!)…”

Traveling Baby Series: Camping in Yosemite

After learning from our test-run camp trip to Point Reyes, we were much better prepared for a big camping trip. When we decided to move to Oregon, we knew we needed one last great family memory in California. And we knew it had to be Yosemite. It was calling us, begging our souls to come. … Continue reading “Traveling Baby Series: Camping in Yosemite”

So That’s Why My Nipples Are On Fire….

In my Night Weaning post, I said I would explain why I had so much nipple pain in a later post. First of all, no, I’m not pregnant (sorry family and friends who thought that). Nipple pain and even nursing aversion is very common during pregnancy though, but not my issue. My issue is one … Continue reading “So That’s Why My Nipples Are On Fire….”