Samosa Pizza

I have declared my love for pizza on here before. But I have never professed my loved for samosas. Delicious little fried pastries filled with veggies and spices then dipped in flavorful chutneys. What’s not to love? I am not a big fan of fried foods, but these are something special. I always order them … Continue reading “Samosa Pizza”

Deep Dish Pizza

Do you know how to make a food blogger very happy? Buy her a new stove!!!! As you can see from the rust ring, the old stove hadn’t been moved in over 60 years. As I mentioned before, we moved into Michael’s grandparent’s old house and inherited all the old stuff that came with it. … Continue reading “Deep Dish Pizza”

Roti Pizza

You can make mini or personal pizzaz on anything you like—tortillas, english muffins, and even slices of bread. I wanted a crunchy, cheesy lunch the other day, but working in a Southwest cafe made me want anything but a tortilla. Luckily I had roti in the fridge and thought I would give them a try. … Continue reading “Roti Pizza”

The Gilroy Pizza

We are slowly starting to get the house into shape! We have TV but no internet yet. We will hopefully have it soon and then I will get back to posting regularly. The other day Michael’s boss bought them Jake’s Pizza for lunch and he brought the leftovers home. There was one called the Gilory … Continue reading “The Gilroy Pizza”

Indian Inspired Pizza

I have toyed with the idea of making an Indian style pizza for awhile. Should it be on naan bread? Should I try to make my own naan bread? Cheese or no cheese? Curry sauce? Tomato sauce? I could never make-up my mind so I never made it. This Friday, I really wanted some curry … Continue reading “Indian Inspired Pizza”

Sweet Potato and Squash Pizza

I was too lazy to go the store to get ingredients for my friday night pizza, so I decided to use the random veggies I had in the fridge and freezer. Some frozen yellow squash, purple sweet potatoes, onion, and olives. Bit of a random assortment, so I decided to first sauté everything (except the … Continue reading “Sweet Potato and Squash Pizza”

Kale Pesto Pizza

I haven’t done a pizza post in a while, just haven’t had the time. But the one I made last night was amazing. I used the Kale Pesto from my Halloween Taco Rice Bowl post as the sauce, with some caramelized onions.  And I used the always delicious Daiya cheese. I didn’t blind bake this … Continue reading “Kale Pesto Pizza”

Parents’ 27th Anniversary Dinner, Part 2: Antipasto and Pizza

Sorry it took a couple days to post part two of my parents’ anniversary dinner, I got distracted spending time with my family. The dinner was delicious and my parents were very happy. My brother had to work, so it sadly was not a family dinner. I made an antipasto platter with some marinated veggies, … Continue reading “Parents’ 27th Anniversary Dinner, Part 2: Antipasto and Pizza”

Beer Crust Hawaiian Pizza

After about a month of conflicting schedules, my friends Rick and Kyla finally made it over from Kona to come visit me. It was nice to seem them and nice to have someone to cook for for once. Awhile ago I saw a recipe for a pizza beer pizza crust. I can’t remember where I … Continue reading “Beer Crust Hawaiian Pizza”

"Cheese" and Veggie Pizza

I haven’t made a “traditional” style pizza in a long time because I don’t like most vegan cheese—and because I like my hummus version better anyways. There was a sale on Daiya cheese so I thought I would give the mozzarella a try since I like their cheddar. I was a little disappointed because it … Continue reading “"Cheese" and Veggie Pizza”