Reddy Babywearing Services

I am Certified Babywearing  Educator and Consultant with the Center for Babywearing Studies. I offer a variety of classes to suit your needs.


Group Classes:

I teach weekly group classes for Alma Midwifery at their Movement and Education Space at 1233 SE Stark St Portland, Oregon.  Check out the rotating class schedule to find the one that suits your individual babywearing needs.

  • Single Class:  $25
  • 4 week class series: $90
  • Birth Professionals 3 week series: $70

Private Education:

Babywearing 101: Why should you wear a baby in a carrier? There are countless reasons that I will happily share! I will give an overview of the developmental benefits, emotional bonding, and the physiological need for babywearing. Proper positioning, safety, and breastfeeding/bottle feeding tips will also be highlighted. I will give a brief overview of the four major carrier types–buckle carriers, wraps, ring slings and bei dai. Afterwards, some hand-on time with the carrier library.

  • Private in-home consult:  90 minutes, $50

  • Online Consult: 120 minutes, $65

11265629_1204011282958456_1994742945666223511_nBabywearing 102: When you are interested in babywearing, but have no idea where to start. A basic introduction to babywearing. An in-depth overview of the benefits of babywearing, proper position, and general safety.  Then I will give brief overview the four major carrier types–buckle carriers, wraps, ring slings and bei dai– and help you decide on the best carrier for your family. Then you can have some hands-on practice with the carrier you chose. Lastly, I can direct you in purchasing a carrier within your budget.

  • Private in-home consult: 120 minutes $70

  • Online consult: 150 minutes, $85

11698790_10102074755180896_2386686958382985378_oBabywearing 201: Have a burning question or struggling your carrier? This consult is for those who have worn a baby, but want to to try something new and work on their skills. I can help with fit and comfort of your current carrier or help you try a hip or back carry (if appropriate). You can also try other carriers in my library as well.

  • Public consult: 30 minutes at a select public location $25

  • Private in-home consult: 60-90 minutes $50-$75

  • Online consult: $65-$85

Community and Cooperate Outreach: Do you have a business or organization that could benefit from babywearing? For example—child care providers, medical professions, special needs caregivers, lactation consultants, and more. I can tailor a class to your group’s needs easily. Price will vary depending on time and prep needed. Online class available. 

Ready to book a class? Click here!


Please contact me or 503-887-7038 to set-up an appointment.

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