Reddy Babywearing Services

I am Certified Babywearing  Educator and Consultant with the Center for Babywearing Studies. I offer a variety of classes to suit your needs.  Whether you are new caregiver who has no idea where to start to an experienced wearer who needs a little help! In-home and on-line options available.  Business or group classes available too!

I lead  several paid classes, public playdates, and even a monthly educational meeting in the Portland, Oregon area. Please visit West Portland Babywearing for more information.

In addition, I offer in-home and online consults.

Babywearing 101: Why should you wear a baby in a carrier? I will give an overview of the developmental benefits, emotional bonding, and the physiological need for babywearing. Proper positioning, safety, and breastfeeding/bottle feeding tips will also be highlighted. I will give a brief overview of the four major carrier types. Afterwards, some hand-on time with the carrier library.


Babywearing Beyond The Manual:

Have a burning question or struggling your carrier? This consult is for those who have worn a baby, but want to to try something new and work on their skills. I can help with fit and comfort of your current carrier or help you try a hip or back carry (if appropriate). You can also try other carriers in my library.


Community and Business Outreach: 

Do you have a business or organization that could benefit from babywearing? For example—child care providers, medical professions, special needs caregivers, lactation consultants, and more. I can tailor a class to your group’s needs easily. Price will vary depending on time and prep needed. Online classes available.