BabyFest NW: What Goes On At Baby Expos

There is no question that America is an consumerism-drive country. I have a love-hate relationship with this idea, especially in terms of parenting. You really don’t need a lot of stuff to raise a child. And it gets overwhelming for parents to decide what stuff is the best for their child. Part of my life’s … Continue reading “BabyFest NW: What Goes On At Baby Expos”

Can You Hike In It: Smitten Gertie Mesozoic

Before I review this wrap, I need to provide full disclosure. I met the owners of Smitten. They lived in the Bay Area the same time I did and I ran into at various local babywearing/mutual friend things. I am also currently a Brand Ambassador for this company. That being said, I would not be … Continue reading “Can You Hike In It: Smitten Gertie Mesozoic”

Amateur Geologist’s Take On Amber Teething Necklaces

I have wanted to write this post for a long time. I get asked often about Jack’s Baltic amber teething necklace. He was worn one pretty much continuously since 6-months-old.  It’s cute little hippy-looking little piece of jewelry. Nothing fancy really. But it supposedly holds great healing powers. In addition to babywearing, rocks are my … Continue reading “Amateur Geologist’s Take On Amber Teething Necklaces”

Full Disclosure 

Vegan Babymama is a website, blog, YouTube channel, and various social media owned and operated by myself, Samantha Reddy.  My purpose is to promote lifestyle choices I believe in. This includes, but is not limited to, veganism, babywearing, breastfeeding, gentle parenting, natural parenting, allergy awareness, and natural childbirth. My intent is inform others of these … Continue reading “Full Disclosure “

Toddlerwearing: Best Seat

You finally made it to toddlerhood! They are (hopefully) sleeping through the night, feeding themselves, and saying good-bye to diapers. But this newfound independence may make wearing a challenge. Having to chase them into the carrier. Hair pulling or being smacked with random toys. Or seat popping in protest of leaving the park. A whole … Continue reading “Toddlerwearing: Best Seat”

Newbornwearing: Best Seat

Let me fill you in on a little secret for newbornwearing—the key is a supportive seat. Well, actually that’s the key for babywearing in general. A good seat can look different depending on the type of carrier and the carry. But in general, baby should be in a position similar to how you would hold them … Continue reading “Newbornwearing: Best Seat”

Other Carrier Reviews

Woven Wraps: Emmeline Eleanor Pearl  Water Carriers: Wrapsody Baby WrapDuo Part 1 Wrapsody Baby WrapDup Part 2 (Features different carries as baby grows)  

Can You Hike In it? Wrapsody Stretch-Hybrid Kristen

You know your favorite cotton t-shirt, all soft and comfy? The one with just enough stretch, but still keeps it’s shape. That’s what a Wrapsody Stretch-Hybrid is like. I have talked about how I became a Brand Ambassador before, but realized I have never actually reviewed a Stretch-Hybrid. I take them hiking all the time … Continue reading “Can You Hike In it? Wrapsody Stretch-Hybrid Kristen”


Woven Wraps: Short Front Wrap Torso Carry Front Wrap Cross Carry 9 month old Almost Knotless Back Carry Pre-tied Back Carry 4 ways Ring Sing: SSC: Meh Dai/Bai Dai: Other Carriers: Belly Wrapping: Full Support Woven Wrap Belly Support Woven Wrap Hip Support Woven Wrap Belly Support Ring Sling

Can You Hike In It? Soul Tai

I am a huge fan of wrap conversion mei teis. I really don’t know why I don’t use them more or talk about them more. Seat is already made and you get to do a lot of the fun wrap finishes. Easy to adapt from newborn to preschool as well. And they come is all … Continue reading “Can You Hike In It? Soul Tai”