Why I’m Night Weaning My Toddler

I’ve already posted about all the initial struggles with breastfeeding. How I just set in my mind I was going to breastfeed and pushed through all the it all. As of this post, we have made it 14 months of nursing on demand. Whenever and wherever, I tried my hardest to give my baby milk whenever … Continue reading “Why I’m Night Weaning My Toddler”

Vegan Parenting

I am a vegan.  I am a parent. Does that make me a vegan parent? It sure does! Hence the name of this blog. Jack does not exclusively eat a vegan diet. This was a compromise between my husband and I (see here). But since I am his primary caregiver, he eats a lot of … Continue reading “Vegan Parenting”

A Letter To My Son

Dear Jack, My sweet little prince, you are one-year old now. One year ago, you entered this world and made me a mother. I will never forget that beautiful moment when they placed you on my chest. One year ago, you made us a family and our love multiplied. I didn’t even know what was … Continue reading “A Letter To My Son”


Here is a link to some sites and blogs I follow and support: VegWeb, a large collection of user-submitted vegan recipes. Baby-led Weaning,  this website accompanies the book of the same title.  A wonderful way to introduce solids to your baby. No-Cry Sleep Solution, another accompanying website to the book of the same title. A … Continue reading “Links”

About Me

Hello! My name is Samantha. I am made the choice to live a plant-based and animal-cruelty-free lifestyle. I am human so this lifestyle is not a perfectly vegan one, but I strive every day to find the balance between reality and my ideals. I want to live a normal life, but cut down on all … Continue reading “About Me”

Advice For My Sister-In-Law

In a few short weeks, Jack is going to have a little cousin to play with! My sister-in-law is expecting her first child, a little girl. They are going to be wonderful parents, and that little princess is going to be very well-loved by the whole family. When I was buying presents for the baby … Continue reading “Advice For My Sister-In-Law”

Traveling Baby Part 3: Traveling Without Baby

The last part of my Traveling Baby Series is traveling without your baby. That’s right, I dared to leave my baby for a few days! It was nerve racking at first and I worried about losing my breastmilk supply, but it all worked out pretty well in the end. I wanted to do something nice … Continue reading “Traveling Baby Part 3: Traveling Without Baby”

Baby-Lead Weaning: Ditching The Baby Spoon

First of all, I want to say I am not judging anyone who bottle-feds or spoon-feeds their child. All that matters is you love and care for your child. Everything else is just a difference of opinion. The story of how I am introducing solid food to my son began when I was still in my first trimester. … Continue reading “Baby-Lead Weaning: Ditching The Baby Spoon”

Oversupply and Undersupply

I was one of those lucky women whose milk came in quickly ( 3 days after birth). And I made the correct amount right from the start. The first two weeks I was just engorged enough to meet Jack’s demands during those first few growth spurts but not be leaking all the time. Then I … Continue reading “Oversupply and Undersupply”

Pumping at Work

In my last post I mentioned that I went back to work two weeks ago. Michael feeds Jack bottles while I am gone, so I have to pump at work. Before I returned to work, I did pump a little. Mostly because Jack was sleeping through the night (stupid sleep regression) and I pumped for … Continue reading “Pumping at Work”