Curry Squash Soup with Gnocchi

Once again, sorry I have not posted in awhile. ┬áLet me update you… The GreenPeace job did not end up working out. They are a great organization, but that job just was not for me. I still support them though. I am working part time at a Southwestern restaurant for now, and should hopefully be … Continue reading “Curry Squash Soup with Gnocchi”

"Cheesy" Breadsticks and Mushroom Sauce

I had pizza night last night because I have plans for tonight (Bad Geology Movie Night for the geology club, geeky I know) but I still wanted my pizza night. When I was about what kind of pizza to make, I thought of Pizza Hut, which made me think of its breadsticks. So I decided … Continue reading “"Cheesy" Breadsticks and Mushroom Sauce”

Parents’ 27th Anniversary Dinner, Part 1: Strawberry Rhubarb and Marion Berry Pie

On August 4, 1984, my two wonderful parents began their lives together as husband and wife. They met back in high school and have been happily married for 27 years now. They are the two most amazing people I know and I am so thankful for the wonderful childhood they gave my brother and I. … Continue reading “Parents’ 27th Anniversary Dinner, Part 1: Strawberry Rhubarb and Marion Berry Pie”

Cheesy Fried Tofu

Oh my God. This is one of the best things I’ve ever made. I had Daiya cheddar left from my Mexican Pizza, and couldn’t face another burrito (I’ve been eating them all week for lunch). I already planned on making collard-green-style Swiss chard, so that lead me to thinking about my Southern dinner the other … Continue reading “Cheesy Fried Tofu”

Mac and Cheese

Bet you didn’t think vegans eat mac and cheese? Well, we do. I don’t think I could be a vegan if I couldn’t have it. Of course it’s not real cheese. There are two ways to make it, with nutritional yeast or with alternative cheeses. It smells kind of like Parmesan. Nutritional yeast is deactivated … Continue reading “Mac and Cheese”