Doll Carrier Review: Lily Mae Collection and Three Little Snowflakes


What is even cuter than a baby all snuggled up in a carrier? A baby wearing their own baby snuggled up in a carrier!  Children learn through mimicking things they see, so it’s no wonder worn children want to wear their babies. This is how they learn to be good caregivers!

Jack loves to wear his babies—Captain America, Curious George, and Minion. But he doesn’t have much patiences for wraps (like most men anyways). So I was thrilled when Tabitha from Lily Mae Collection contact me. She sent one of her Tula-inspired doll carrier, as well as one from her friend’s Kinderpack-inspired doll carrier Three Little Snowflakes.  Jack could wear his babies without a fight!

These carriers are the work of two Northern California work-at-home-mom friends. They wanted to make fun, creative accessories for children to express themselves.

When I opened and told Jack these were for him to wear his babies, his eyes got big and snatched them from me. Then he noticed the best part, they have Star Wars patterns! “YO-DA!” “LOO-KAH!” “VA-DER!” He just learned about Star Wars so this was a big treat for him.

The next morning he demanded the Minions Movie while was playing with the buckles on the Lily Mae carrier (another perk to doll wearing, they can work on fine motor skills with the buckles and clasps). I asked if he wanted his minion on his back while he watch the movie, he said yes. After a small protest that he couldn’t play with the buckles when it’s on him, he settled down and realized he had his baby. He watched the rest of the movie content.

The carrier is was tad big for Jack currently. He is 20-months-old, 24 lbs, and 35 inches. He is tall for his age with small hips so I had tighten every strap to the smallest position. The shoulder straps were just a tad big for him too, making it hard to keep Minion in place. On a older, less lanky toddler or child, this would not be an issue at all. Or like with real buckle carriers, it could be that this specific carrier is not the best for him. That old saying “Like how your best friend’s favorite jeans might now fit you” idea. He was very sad to take it off at nap time though.

A few days later we went for a walk around the neighborhood. I asked if he wanted to wear one of his babies, he happily brought me Minion again. So we gave the Three Little Snowflakes a try. There was no protest since he understood what I was doing this time. As soon as I took him outside and let him go, he ran off down the path happily.

This carrier fit him a bit better. Once again, every strap had to be adjusted to smallest position and the shoulder straps were a bit bulky on him. But the position of the straps cinched around him better and Minion stayed in easier.  It was a still not a perfect though, but a bit closer. It  would fit much better on a bigger toddler or child who isn’t so lanky. He was very happy, played with his baby on his back for for an hour.

So which one would I recommend? That’s about as easy to decide as picking between an actual Tula and Kinderpack! It will depends on your child’s size and shape. As the person fitting the carrier on him, I pick the Three Little Snowflakes for Jack. And really only because the straps can cross in the back. This seems odd since Tula fit Michael and I better than Kinderpack.

When I asked Jack which one he liked, he started to find Yoda on each carrier, so who knows! Overall these are both quality doll carriers that any child would love. They both come in a variety of prints, so there is something for everyone to love. I suggest waiting until your toddler can walk well for long periods of time unassisted before putting these carriers on them. And hopefully yours isn’t a bean pole like mine so they fit around the waist better!


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