Can You Hike in It: Nunamoochie Anya

This woven wrap was a temporary trade with Twinmommy101. I was really impressed to see such a tight, clean weave on a handwoven wrap. And the colors! They are modeled after a Tequila Sunrise, one of my favorite drinks! This wrap was just screaming to be taken somewhere fun.


Carrier Info:

  • Manufacturer: Nunamoochie
  • Colorway: Anya
  • Color: Yellow, orange, and pink
  • Pattern: Stripes
  • Size: 6
  • Materials: 100% Cotton
  • Weave: Handwoven
  • Release date: August 2015

Everyone on the Hike It Baby Facebook group kept talking about “Oxbow”. Setting up hikes, go on and on about how beautiful it is, and posting stunning pictures of smiling happy babies. My best friend (yes, the one of the sushi story) asked for a hike with Jack,  I realized Oxbow Regional Park was conveniently halfway between us.


 Hike Details

I have driven by the exit for Oxbow for years (decades really), I assumed it was one of the parks right off the Interstate. But we kept driving farther and farther…river, to forest, to countryside…then suddenly a random sign pointing down a narrow road. There is no cell reception there so I worried we wouldn’t find Amanda. But there she was waiting right at the park entrance.


We decided to just head down to the first trail we found and see where it took us. Jack started out walking but quickly switched to an uppy. We started with a Ruck with a Tibetan Ring Finish. It’s thin, but surprisingly supportive. Very easy to make a good seat and tighten. I really cannot believe this wrap is hand woven!  It also threaded through the rings very easily (nothing is worse than fighting with your rings with a wiggly toddler). 


Oxbow definitely lived up to all the hype. The trails meld nicely with the natural landscape—boulders, roots, small water falls. This makes it a great trail to just relax and enjoy nature. Even though there are not many signs and trail markers, the trails are pretty intuitive.


We happily wandered through the forest down to the river. We let Jack down to play in the water and sand for awhile. It was so beautiful! Calm and peaceful, the perfect late summer day.


Then Jack went up on Michael in a Christina’s Ruckless with one bunched pass. It held up nicely when he had to climb up the river bank back to the main trail.


Michael said the wrap was “nice” and he liked the bright colors. He’s not a man of many words. However, I noticed he didn’t fidget with the wrap. When he doesn’t like a carrier, he will tug and pull at it to make it more comfortable. So, I take it as he actually really liked this wrap.


After a quick pause for some milk and water, we decided to head back. Jack went up on Christina’s Ruckless on me this time. I just loved the colors in this carry, they just melted into each other in the chest pass.

The key feature of this wrap is the weave. The tight, handwoven weave makes it light but moldable. I would suggest this wrap for almost every trail type. It would do lovely on anything from urban strolls to medium difficulty hikes. However, I would not recommend it for long, strenuous hikes due it not being an overly cushy wrap. I could see it having the potential to be diggy after a long long period of time due to thinnest.

So can you hike in a Nunamoochie Anya? Yes, this wrap is perfect for a warm weather, half day hikes.



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