Can You Hike In It? Pink Nova Karma Twist

I was so surprised  when I opened the package. I was super excited to try a Pink Nova so I ripped it open eagerly.  The colors really threw me for second. Bright pink and purple clovers? I flipped it over and saw the blue and white, then was even more confused! I showed my co-worker and she looked just as perplexed. I love the leaf pattern, but why the odd colors? Then I remembered the name, Karma Twist. The more I looked at the wrap, the more I got it.  It’s not your standard green four leaf clover, this is a representation of luck from a deeper source. I especially liked how it’s two-sided. Karma isn’t always straightforward, it has different faces for different meanings.

Manufacturer: Pink Nova
Colorway: Karma Twist
Color: Violet,pink,periwinkle, and white
Pattern: Clover leaves
Size: Size 6
Materials: 100% Egyptian Cotton
Weave: Jacquard
Release date: June 2015

I had such lovely plans for this wrap, but evil Hyperemesis reared its ugly head and I didn’t get to use it for several weeks. One day I felt well enough to wear Jack to the store around the corner from my mom’s house and was in love with the shoulder cush. 

I planned a lovely nature park stroll for the following week  to give Karma Twist a better test,but nope. I ended up in the ER (I never want an MRI at 2 AM again), and it took me a few days to recover. Then Michael suggested we go walk around the mall and at least get out of the house. 

Location:  Washington Square Mall
Distance:  1.35 miles
Trail Type:  Linoleum
Weather: Indoor temperature controlled, around 70*
Trail Conditions: Clean,smooth floors,not crowded

I started off wearing Jack in a Wendy’s Double Hammock Tied At Shoulder. It was a little hard to keep a good seat with a bouncing toddler. At that moment I wished for a little more grip in the wrap. Once I got him settled and the carry tied, I loved the cush on my shoulder and back again.

Half way across the mall, mama got tired. I still wasn’t 100% from my hospital trip and a 25 lbs toddler wiggling on my back wasn’t helping.

 So daddy to the rescue! Jack went up on daddy (after a small protest that he wanted on mama’s front for milkies). They were very comfy in a Reinforced Ruck Tied Tibetan. We shopped happily without Jack touching everything and running amok in the stores.

 Jack slipped down  a little bit when he started bouncing around to get down, but Michael says it was still comfortable on his back and shoulders. We let him down for lunch, but couldn’t get him back up afterward. Little man wanted to walk like a big boy.
The key features of this wrap are pattern and the cushiness. The pattern and colors are so unusual, making it truly unique. It’s so bright and inviting, it’s hard not to smile when wearing it. And the softness is amazing  While it’s not the best for locking down an active toddler, it so cushy that it didn’t dig in even when the seat started to give a little.

So, can you hike in a Pink Nova Karma Twist? I am not sure I would recommend this for a true hike. A lovely, easy walk or a neighborhood stroll, absolutely. But I think it is just too soft for any long hike with a lot of movement and bouncing.I fear there would be a lot of adjusting as you walked along (I had to stop three times to get the slack out of the Wendy’s Double Hammock). I also would suggest it for smaller babies, newborn to 9 months. Less likely for a lot of leaning and  wiggling, to keep a better seat. For toddlers, you really need multiple or reinforcing passes to keep the seat in place. Come to think of it, I bet this would be amazing for evening stroll around the block with a newborn, so soft and snuggly.


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