Can You Hike In It: Firespiral Anemone Twilight Tourbillion?

One night, I had a grumpy toddler who refused to go to sleep without nursing and I was too exhausted to fight him. I decided the only way to keep both of our sanity was to tear open the fluff mail that arrived earlier and take him on a walk in the cool night air. I took out the Firespiral Anemone Twilight Tourbillion and got Jack up quickly without really checking it out first.


I started in a Back Torso Carry with a Ring Finish, so comfy and weightless when tightened properly! It threaded through the ring easily and held in place without much adjusting.IMG_3237

Then Jack complained he couldn’t tuck his arms in so I switched to Double Hammock Ruckless Ring Finish. He was out in a minute once I switched. Gotta love sleepy dust!


As I walked back to my house, I finally had time to check out the wrap. The weave is very intricate, mesmerizing really. It’s like staring into a distant galaxy. Based on looks, I expected it to be a lot heavier. But it’s a nice medium feeling, not to thick at all.


Manufacturer: Firespiral 
Colorway: Anemone Twilight Tourbillion
Color: Pink, purple, blue, and navy
Pattern: Circles and spirals 
Size: 6
Materials: 100% cotton
Weave: Jacquard
Release date: December 2015

I normally suck at wrap transfers, usually waking up Jack as soon as I untie. I don’t know if it was luck or how soft the weave is, but Jack stayed out for once!


A few days later, we took it for a hike at one of our favorite parks. Tualatin Hills Nature Park is very popular, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it empty really. It’s close to Nike headquarters so it’s popular with runners. And the trails are wide and well maintained, making it great for families of all ages.


Location: Tualatin Hills Nature Park
Distance:  1.55 miles
Trail Type:  Paved concrete
Weather: Sunny and warm 
Trail Conditions: Clear trail, slightly busyIMG_3277

We usually start at the parking lot and walk to the MAX train towards the rear of the park (Jack loves trains) and back. This park is mostly shaded with tree cover, so it’s great in all weather. My mom joined us since it was such a lovely morning. Jack was so happy to hike with grandma that it took awhile to convince him he wanted an uppy. He wanted to run over all the bridges and check every single body of water for frogs. This route is great for toddlers, so much to see and learn.IMG_3293

Just as I was about to give up hope, he asked to go on my back so he could pretend to be airplane. I did a Ruck Tied Tibetan. I was surprised how easy it was to make a nice seat with a bouncing toddler. IMG_3288Just enough grip to support his weight, but not so much I couldn’t easily thread the Tibetan Finish.  IMG_3290Everything held even when he demanded I was a jet plane and had to “run”. I didn’t actually run, more bounced quickly side to side as we walked.


The next day there was more sleep fighting so I stuck Jack in a Coolest Hip Cross Carry and rocked him to sleep. Despite being sort of long for this carry, the wrap did great. The slip knot was easy to thread and held great with 24 pounds of toddler in it.IMG_3402

I found it very easy to spread knee-to-knee, even on a giant toddler. This carry really shows off the different colors in the pattern.


Then we took the wrap on one last adventure before sending it on it’s way. We went to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival, a wonderful Oregon tradition. Jack quickly tired his little legs out running up and down the rows and rows of tulips. I put him in a Ruck to walk him over to the food stands to get some lunch. IMG_3446

On the way I noticed several rows of tulips that matched the colors of the wrap. I had to stop for some photos, how could I not?


The key features of this wrap are the pattern and the medium thickness. Like I said, the pattern and colors are truly stunning. There is no bad side to this wrap, the reserve pink is just as intricate as the navy side. And depending on the carry and where you tie, you can highlight different patterns, making it feel like an ever-changing carrier. And the medium weave gives it just enough grip to hold a bouncing child, but not so much that it’s hard to work with it.

Can you hike in a FireSpiral Anemone Twilight Tourbillion? Yes, this wrap great for wrappees of all ages and wrappers of any skill level. I think it would hold up just as great on a harder trail hikes as it did in a stroll around the neighborhood. That being said, the dark colors and all cotton composition can get pretty warm easily. It was only 80 degrees on our park adventure, and Jack and I both got toasty standing in the sun with him on my back. So I would not recommend this warm weather hiking.





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