Full Disclosure 

Vegan Babymama is a website, blog, YouTube channel, and various social media owned and operated by myself, Samantha Reddy. 

My purpose is to promote lifestyle choices I believe in. This includes, but is not limited to, veganism, babywearing, breastfeeding, gentle parenting, natural parenting, allergy awareness, and natural childbirth. My intent is inform others of these ideas—never to judge those who do not /cannot follow these ideas. 

The opinions expressed through Vegan Babymams are solely my own and are my true beliefs. If I promote or support a product or brand, it is because I truly believe in it and it helps promote my lifestyle ideals. 

I am a brand ambassador for Wraspody Baby, Soul Slings, and Smitten Wraps currently. I support them of my own free will because I like the products and business practices. They pay me in products. I have reviewed/tested for other companies of my own free will and received no compensation. 

I have also worked for Mommycon and plan to do so again if the opportunity arises. I am trained in babywearing from the Center for Babywearing Studies and Babywaring International. I promote these organizations of my own free will as well. 

Other promotions are also done of my own free will and are only products I personally like and use. 

I promise to give honest opinions and review of all products. If I feel the product is problematic or unsafe, I will not review it but provide that feedback to manufacturer. 
Please contact me with any questions.  Thank you. 


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