What Is Base Size?

The most common question, after how the heck do I use this thing, is what is my base size?

Why different lengths? There are a few reasons. First of all, so you can find the right size for your and baby’s needs. Not everyone is built the same, so it’s wonderful to find a wrap that will be the size you need.

And different lengths are used for different carries. It would be impossible to do a Double Hammock in a wrap that was way too short. Likewise, it would be frustrating to have so much tail in a Traditional Sling Carry with a too long of a wrap.

The jacket is hiding it tied on the tippy tails. I still have no idea how I managed that.

When I started wrapping, I had no idea what base size. I bought my first wrap based on price, and bought a wrap smaller than my base size. I was SO frustrated that I struggled to squeeze out a Front Wrap Cross Carry. Then later a VBE told me about base size and that my wrap was cheaper because it was shorter!

So, what is base size?

It’s simply the wrap that you can do most carries with easily.  This varies person to person.

It will depend on your body and baby’s body. The standard way to determine base size is with a Front Wrap Cross Carry.


You should have enough tails to tighten and tie easily.

Too short, can’t tie.

Too short and you cannot tie a secure knot.

Too much tail.

Too long and may have so much tail hanging you may step or trip on it.

Base size is totally arbitrary, the number or length itself does not matter. What matters is you and baby are comfortable and happy.

The best way to determine your base is by trying sizes on.

The “average” size person is usually a base size 6. If you are “average”, than give a 6 a try. If you are larger than average, start with a longer wrap. If you are smaller, try a shorter wrap.

Keep in mind that even people the same height/weight can be different base sizes. Everyone is built different, so make sure you get the correct size for your unique body.

So grab some wraps, find you base, and embrace the wrapping love!


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