A Little Myths Busting

After a conversation with my friend Leslie and an additional one with Laura, I thought I’d share a few more things.

Soy beans are almost pure protein

Vegans do get plenty of protein. Most plants have it, such as beans, spinach, nuts, and even apples! And it comes with vital things like vitamins and fiber. And has no—and I mean ZERO—cholesterol.

Chia seeds are packed with calcium

We also get plenty of calcium. Celery, figs, almonds, and kale actually have more calcium than milk!

Better than fried chicken.

And tofu is delicious when prepared correctly. If you had a bad tofu experience, I am truly sorry because you are missing out on something amazing. It can be meaty, chewy, silky, smooth, sweet or savory. There are various preparations and cooking methods that transforms ordinary bean curd into things better than meat.

And a vegan diet is cheap. Meat is expensive because mass-production uses a lot of resources. Some special vegan items are usually only available at health food stores and can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean you have to get them. You can buy majority of what you need to be a vegan at a normal, cheap grocery store (I get most of my food from Wal-Mart actually). And if you shop smart, you can walk away from a health store with a small bill too. And the cheapest produce is always be at your local farmers market. I spend about $15 and get close to 3 weeks worth of food for myself.

However, all of this is only true if you actually eat fruits and vegetables. Eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast, a soy cheese and Tofurkey ham for lunch, a bowl of pasta for dinner, and rice ice cream for dessert will not give you adequate nutrition because all you consumed were grains. In fact, you will probably gain weight and have other health problems as if you ate meat. You need green (and other colorful stuff) in there too to be truly nourished and healthy.

So, I hope you figured out by now that all I really do eat is vegetables. And if you don’t believe any of this, look it up for yourself! I also hope you have noticed that I really want everyone to learn about their food. I promise it will change you for the better and one click on Google can teach you so much.

Here is a cute little song that sums this all up. 

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